XP problem so tried loading new full vista program

  jelly baby 16:02 20 Jan 2009

I had a problem with my PC, which would not re-start. Left it for many months then thought if I wiped the hard drive and loaded the new Vista full programme it would all work again. This has sadly failed. It seems to load the CD but then gets stuck.

How can I restart it and then load the new system to get my pc back?

  peter99co 19:03 20 Jan 2009

You need to provide details of you PC. A few vital statistics re size and drive etc.

  tullie 07:54 21 Jan 2009

You are booting from cd arent you?

  jelly baby 11:18 21 Jan 2009

I have looked at the machine - it is a Compac Presario SR1000 there is a product number SR1440UK

It has a 250Gb hard drive and 256mb Ram

I have been trying to load the Vista full prog from the PC in the microsoft case???

  tullie 12:11 21 Jan 2009

But have you set the BIOS to boot from the cd,then restarted>

  DieSse 14:19 21 Jan 2009

256MB RAM is very little for XP - for Vista it will be catastrophically too little.

I would strongly recommend you re-install XP instead, and also add some more RAM.

  jelly baby 16:10 21 Jan 2009

Thanks for that. I find I can get an extra 1GB of RAM - would you have confidence in this being sufficient to run Vista?

Apparently the BIOS was done before loading the CD, but maybe we have many little problems side by side?

I am attempting to get a copy of XP to install but as I have the new Vista programme I would dearly like to install that for preference.

Have you any other recommendations for me. I now would like to adapt my computer to run a new small business, but my children's computer is used for online gamin etc - which is where I think my computer started to go wrong.

I am also strapped for cash at the moment so investment innew products would have to be extremely limited.

  lotvic 01:00 23 Jan 2009

I think you have to press F10 or F1 when you first boot up to access the Factory Recovery process (restore partition that takes you back to how XP was when first purchased)

worth a try - forums.windrivers.com click here contains some good links for further info.

  Pine Man 11:21 23 Jan 2009

It appears from the first post from jelly baby that the hard drive was wiped before the attempt to load Vista.

If this is the case any Factory Recovery partitions will no longer exist.

  mooly 12:00 24 Jan 2009

1 gb will run Vista OK, but 2 gb and it really flies. It's not that straightforward though, I think a lot depends on your hardware and whether any compatability problems exist. It may just be that 256mb ram and Vista just doesn't want to know.

  ol blueeyes 14:32 24 Jan 2009

I had similar problems some time ago and what I did was Installed one of the Linux OS using the whole Disc telling it to erase Windows, made sure it worked ok (which it did with no problems) and then installed Windows XP Pro. Problem was solved,

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