XP Pro update problem

  peppy27 21:49 01 Jan 2003
  peppy27 21:49 01 Jan 2003

I have not used the windows update for a long time, I have sat down to get the latest updates and after a 2 hours of click the damn button.

It still won’t get the updates, also the windows update globe has been missing for sometime; it doesn’t appear any more when windows start up,

Below is the message I get when u click windows update URL.

Is there any way of getting around this?

New Windows Update Software Required

The Windows Update site has been updated. To update your version of the software and begin using Windows Update, click Update Now.

Update Now

  VoG™ 21:54 01 Jan 2003

And did you (click Update Now) ?

  peppy27 21:56 01 Jan 2003

yes i have been clicking the update button for the last 2 hours.....

  homer1309 21:59 01 Jan 2003

do you share an internet connection through anything like a router or are you running an internet security program?

  peppy27 22:04 01 Jan 2003

I don’t have a home network installed, only my desktop. I do have Norton Internet Security running, but I have tried disabling it still no luck.

And on System properties this is selected

Notify me before downloading any updates and notify me again before installing them on my computer is selected

  peppy27 22:30 01 Jan 2003

any one?

  peppy27 23:30 01 Jan 2003


  AMD 4 ever 23:37 01 Jan 2003

do you have SP1 installed?

  Andÿ 23:46 01 Jan 2003

Try this:

Go to 'Disk Cleanup' and click OK on your C drive> When 'Disk Cleanup' opens highlight 'Downloaded prog files' and click the view button>
in the folder that opens delete 'Update Class' and close the folder.

Next let 'Disk Cleanup' get rid of all your temp and temp internet files.

Try Windows update again.

I hope this helps :o)

  peppy27 23:54 01 Jan 2003

andy it still wont work and i do have sp1 installed

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