xp pro in trouble again boot probs

  johnnyrocker 11:20 03 Feb 2004

problems with xp pro booting config :- Gigabyte 7VKML/DDR motherboard
CPU cooler for AMD XP2200+
PC/2100 DDR RAM 512Mb
yeterday i switched on my pc to be greeted with the following messages one after the other, zone labs cannot validate file win 32--- avg is corrupt core log missing, pest patrol corrupt cannot scan, i could not uninstall any of these and each time i opened explorer it would be fine til i wanted to change page then microsoft error sayexplorer has encountered a prob needs to close, this happened 3 or four times followed by the odd crash which according to the microsoft report was due to unknown device driver. i sys restored 24 hrs still the same, sys restore 3 days all appeared ok ran virus scan on pcpitstop came up clear surfed for a min or two then ran a mcafee free scan to be sure, half way through this scan pc shut down and thereafter only boots to where it lists memory hard drives etc and then restarts again using f5 i can get it to give me a range of options from safe mode, last known good etc, non of these work the pc just shuts down and carries on as if i had not given it any instructions, using f8 i got it to boot from cd xp pro plus sp1 it went through installing loads of files but i was unsure when it came to select r for repair as i dont want to lose any work/files if poss, had i selected repair would i have been alright or not. sorry to be long winded but wanted to make as clear as poss so i hopefully can get this right.


  johnnyrocker 11:44 03 Feb 2004

any helpful tips?


  johnnyrocker 12:52 03 Feb 2004



  GuyR 15:38 03 Feb 2004

when doing repairs etc like this it is normal for the system to just reload what is missing, even if all XP file copied over your data should stay OK as it is not a part of the operating system.

  johnnyrocker 15:51 03 Feb 2004

i have spoke to a work colleague who tells me that the r repair option is not an auto process but a series of command lines which would mean one needs to know what one is doing???????


  johnnyrocker 11:35 05 Feb 2004

just to update, bit the bullet and went repair route, all went well til it got to 95% of file swapping and then there were about 12 files it could not copy. took it into work and hd has corrupted boot sectors, some of my 47 gig content can be saved but they only have a drive to copy to of about 20-30 so i need to be choosy :)


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