XP Pro stuck

  norming 22:02 29 Jan 2008

loaded iphotoplus onto my new PC which is running XP Pro. At the end it needs to re-start as usual, only when it restarted it got as far as the WIN logo and there it stuck. I switched off and started again, ‘last working system’...then Safe, where I tried restore to earlier date. When it came to restart again we got to the Win logo and again it stuck. In ‘safe’, all there is is a black page with ‘safe mode’ in small letters.
In other words I’ve got nowhere. Any suggestions?
XP Pro was installed when I got it so no CD software.

  STREETWORK 22:05 29 Jan 2008

boot into safe mode

go to start - run - type "msconfig" and hit enter.

go to the boot.ini tab, make sure /SAFEBOOT is unchecked.

Restart the PC...

  MAT ALAN 22:07 29 Jan 2008

The first option you have if it will not boot into safemode is to repair XP from the recovery console, BUT you will need a bootable copy of XP Pro to do this...

If you can get into safe mode have you tried deleting this program...

  Stuartli 23:23 29 Jan 2008

XP is NOT repaired from the Recovery Console.


click here

for an explanation of how to undertake an XP Repair.

  woodchip 23:42 29 Jan 2008

This is another thread that beggars belief, Buying a Computer and not have any way of restoring it and no Discs. FIRST thing anybody should do with a New Computer is buy Acronis True Image and create a Image of C:\ drive. It then does not matter if you have restore CD or XP cd's

How many more are going to need telling

  Miros 04:02 30 Jan 2008

For sure the manufactures or sales people are in no hurry to warn of the problems that may arise.

It's another way of screwing more dosh out of the unfortunate unwary buyer.

I got caught with my second PC that came without. My first came with recovery CD the second not, though there were two CDs that I thought were recovery CDs I was wrong, and it cost me £25 for replacements. We live and learn :-(

  Miros 05:22 30 Jan 2008

Apologies for that little rant of mine, it was of absolutely no use to you. If your in the same boat as I was as above, and you need a recovery CD, you can get one perhaps from click here

Mine cost about £25. Acer the manufacturer of my Desktop PC when I inquired told me I should have made my own recovery Cd's when I first set the machine up. 18 months down the line when the proverbial had hit the fan it was to late. They only wanted £50+ for replacements. This is why I said above it's another way of screwing that little extra out of you.

If there was any warning, it wasn't blindingly obvious, certainly I was unaware of it. they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it, but they are.

I trust this is more helpful.

  norming 21:17 30 Jan 2008

Thank you for your suggestions. I’m afraid my PC is spooked!! I switched on this morning to have another go and - it opened with the note that systems restore had set it for Sunday. Fine - we’re in business. I switched off to change the monitor, k/b + mouse, plugged in the speaker connection and modem, switched on and - WIN logo and that’s all!
Had another go in safe mode, systems restore, this time back to Saturday, but same logo again.
Put monitor K/B + mouse back to this PC and forgot about it.
This evening I had another go and - you guessed it - systems restore has set it to Saturday and - it worked!
No doubt if I switch monitor again...
Question: what do I need to do (when it’s working properly) to make my own starter CD?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:08 30 Jan 2008

Buy a copy of Acronis TRue Image click here

  woodchip 22:11 30 Jan 2008

You must be using a LCD monitor and it will not work ifset to wrong resolution. You can or should be able to change it in Safe Mode when you cannot get into windows for the above

  T0SH 22:27 30 Jan 2008

There is a entry called "VGA Mode" in the safe mode (tap tap tap on F8) menu options this will get you to a desktop in normal mode with a 800 x 600 screen from where you can change the resolution setting

This resolution setting is not available from safe mode in XP or 2K for that matter can`t say on Vista dont use it

Cheers HC

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