XP Pro sp2 no access !

  skidzy 18:19 18 Jun 2007

I have a friend who has had a university pc donated to them.
The pc is xp sp2.

The problem is that the pc is password protected.

Obviously i cannot boot into windows so thought i will go through safemode and try the route of Control userpasswords2 but again safemode is password protected also.

Ive looked in the bios to try and remove the passwords but no joy there either.

There is no recovery disc or recovery/restore partition.
The only way i can see to get this machine to work,is a new version of Windows xp.

Does anyone know of another route to disable this password ? i believe i have covered all options availble but open to suggestions.

As usual thankyou for your time and replies.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:21 18 Jun 2007

Try this:

1- boot to the windows xp/2000 CD ,

2- press enter to start setup ,

3- press F8 for the license agreement ,

4- when you get the option to repair the current installation press R to do so ,

5- let it run through and for windows XP wait until it reboots and is installing, devices then

press shift F10 to open a command prompt. For windows 2000 wait until it is registering

components then press shift F10 to open a command prompt. ,

6- In windows XP either type in "nusrmgr.cpl" w/o quotation marks at the command prompt and press enter. For windows 2000 type in "control.exe" w/o quotation marks and press enter. This should open up the user accounts applet in XP and the regular control panel in 2000. ,

7- select the users and change or remove their passwords accordingly, apply settings and close the control panel windows and command prompt windows so that just setup is running again. ,

8- let the inplace upgrade finish.

The user should now be able to log in when it finishes and not have to reinstall the programs like in a parallel install.

  VoG II 18:23 18 Jun 2007

I think that any XP CD (of the same flavour - Home or Pro) would do for this click here

  skidzy 18:39 18 Jun 2007

Thanks guys,but i only have XPH disc and this does not work with pro,well didnt for me.

I really cannot see a way around this,i guess if i could find someone with a pro disc i maybe a bit luckier.

XPH disc reports invalid or incorrect media.

  howard64 18:55 18 Jun 2007

suggestion - there is a prog called siw which lists things on a pc I believe this can run from a floppy or flash drive it might just show the passwords it shows the windows cd key and others.

  skidzy 18:57 18 Jun 2007

I thought the exact same thing before going to the pc in question,i have SIW among others on a flash drive.

But sadly with no access via safemode or Windows itself...the apps i have are worthless.

Thanks anyway.

  VoG II 18:58 18 Jun 2007

Some other things to try click here

  howard64 19:04 18 Jun 2007

the prog is a free one from click here once running look in secrets it shows my passwords. It will run from a floppy and you could always start up using a win 98/me floppy.

  skidzy 19:51 18 Jun 2007

had a read through your link and could be promising thankyou.However,i have this feeling the freeware will not work with XP pro but will try at the weekend when back at the pc.

howard 64
I often use SIW and others such as Everesthome and Belarc to mention a couple.

I maybe wrong here,but i thought (have not tried yet)
running SIW from floppy or usb needs windows to show the report.This i do not have due to the password block.

Again something i will try at the weekend,thankyou.

  brundle 19:58 18 Jun 2007

Reset password, bootable floppy.
click here

Read the docs first if you think you may want to recover any files - if some/all were encrypted in Windows you will lose any chance of accessing them.

  skidzy 20:10 18 Jun 2007

Cheers Brundle,have downloaded that from VoG™'s link and ready for the weekend.

There is nothing on the pc that needs saving,i do believe all files where wiped when the pc was handed over but they forgot to remove the admin password.

Your link has explained a bit more for me thankyou.

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