xp pro sp1 networking

  eccomputers 21:08 20 Jun 2003

I have recently upgraded two customers to xp pro sp1 (fresh installs) and both use 10mb networks through hubs.
customer 1 has just two computers and they share their documents. No internet is shared, no printers are shared. I cant believe the amount of time it takes to get a file from the other pc and open it (doc). It is like snail pace.
Customer 2 is upgrading gradually and the new computers having xp are much slower on the network than the old 98 ones. What is up with XP?
Im sure I have configured it correctly, they have the IP set, the dns, and gateway (customer2). I have disabled all firewalls but the computers virtually freeze when getting a document from the server. Have I made a bad decision for them in recommending XP?


  Forum Editor 23:33 20 Jun 2003

is pretty good at networking in my experience. It's actually best to allow it to configure itself on one machine, and then let it make a floppy for any machines on the network that have a different version of Windows installed.

My own office network runs almost entirely on WinXP (one machine has Win98SE) and it seems to zip along nicely, certainly as fast - if not faster than when we ran Win2000. I assume that all the machines in question meet the hardware requirements for WinXp Pro?

  eccomputers 23:46 20 Jun 2003

All machines are...
asus 533fsb motherboard
256mb pc2700 ram
P4 2.4 processor
60gig ata133 hard drive (maxtor)
d-link pci network card
52X cd-rom (asus)
350 watt psu

I really cant help but wonder if norton 2003 is the culprit. Maybe I will disable it on a couple of machines and experiment.

Looking at the MS website, I am not alone, there are a lot of people with the same issues and MS seem aware but have no ideas.

There are 8 XP pro machines on this network (all same spec as above) and one 98 machine. The 98 machine leaves them all standing with network functions. I copied a 1mb file today from an xp machine to another and it took 11 minutes. Nothing else was running on the network.

  Forum Editor 01:32 21 Jun 2003

about Norton.

I just ran a quick test, and copied a 2Mb image file from one machine to another on my network. Both machines are running WinXP Pro, and the file transfer took hardly any time to complete.

Perhaps you'll post back when you've experimented?

  D-P-R 03:23 21 Jun 2003

I found xp networking strange as well. I had a belkin pro network switch 10/100 and it was slow in copying files across ect. But now I have just got broadband and am using a SpeedTouch 510 4 Port Ethernet Hub|Router and my local networking flies. Not sure why but there you go. My network is 3 xp computers hard wired all are using norton av & firewall so in my case norton 2003 wasn't the problem

  bab5 08:12 21 Jun 2003


Have you thought about upgrading the nic cards to 10/100mb, that might increase your transfer rate.


  eccomputers 18:11 21 Jun 2003

the network cards are all 10/100 d-link 530.
Maybe its the hubs, they are not switching and are netgear 10mb. However, this doesnt explain two xp machines hooked together with a crossover cable being very slow.

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