XP PRO Repair

  dave726587 23:04 27 Oct 2006

Hi, if i do an xp repair install will i need to install all windows updates again?

Will my computer stil function correctly (Will it still be as fast) ?
Thanks And do you no how long it will take to do because i mite do it now.

  Zeppelyn 23:16 27 Oct 2006

will i need to install all windows updates again?

Yes you will

Should take about 45 mins overallif just an XP repair install as opposed to manufacturer restotre disc, no idea about that as never had one.

  dave726587 01:29 28 Oct 2006

so basicly is it just reinstalling the windows folder?

  johndrew 11:32 28 Oct 2006

You may find this helpful click here

  VoG II 11:34 28 Oct 2006

Also click here

  dave726587 19:16 28 Oct 2006

i repaired my xp last night and i turned the computer on today and installed all updates. My windows media player and internet explorer are now the original version that shipped with the os, but that does not bother me. I noticed today that all my saved login info and passwords have been deleted on internet explorer. Is there anyway of gettin them back. PLease try to help because i have forgotten passwords to some important sites.

  Ashrich 21:03 28 Oct 2006

Most sites that require a login and password will have a link to click on if you have forgotten , you input your email address and user name and it will email your password to you .


  dave726587 01:22 29 Oct 2006

Hi its ok i installed ie7 and the passwords came back :-) But i am having another problem my computer takes SOOOOooooooooooooooo long to boot up now. It was very fast b4 i did repair. I ran ccleaner, chkdsk, registry, cleaner and all utilities on tuneup 2006.

  terryf 01:30 29 Oct 2006

For the future, try saving an image with Acronis True Image when you have a clean instal of windows and programs. Consider installing 2nd drive and keeping ALL data on that, move the OE store folder to the 2nd drive. It will then take less than 15 mins to re-install and you wont lose data

  johndrew 11:38 29 Oct 2006

Probably a daft question, but have you run a full cleaning check with a good anti-virus and other anti-malware programs?

You need to run both types and, ideally, have good checkers running at all times. A good firewall will also help.

  dave726587 17:23 29 Oct 2006

Hi john, yes i have but since i did the reapair my computer takes so long to boot up than it normally does and when i logon i have to wait for a very long time to load startup up items. I only have 5 startup items and the computer is very clean of viruses and malware (even spyware).

I think it may have something do to with the "System Idle Process" If i look on talk manager sometimes and go into the process tab, i see "System Idle Process" hogging all the cpu power and it was never like this. Does anyone know why a reapair install could have caused this?


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