xp pro reinstall

  dandew 14:37 14 Aug 2010

Fails " Licence Key Invallid ".
Cleaned down, formatnew HardDisk and reinstall xppro.
All goes well till this licence complaint.
Will not accept the key from the case label.

Any ideas


  tullie 14:47 14 Aug 2010

Is the licence key on pc for XP Pro?

  dandew 14:59 14 Aug 2010

Yes its xp pro on case.

  Taff™ 15:03 14 Aug 2010

What disk are you installing from? Is it an OEM disk or a full retail copy?

Also check the number carefully. 8`s look very like B`s

  dandew 15:15 14 Aug 2010

Not sure of difference but CD is for distributionwith new PC only.
Re digits : ye4s 8 and B look very similar, have confirmed correct but tried both just in case, same result.

  Batch 15:18 14 Aug 2010

When you say "the case label", do you mean the PC case or the CD case?

  dandew 15:25 14 Aug 2010

The computer Tower case has the key.
No key on the CD, Dont have the CD case.

  Batch 15:45 14 Aug 2010

"CD is for distribution with new PC only", means it is an OEM disk.

These can be supplied with PCs with pre-installed OS and are valid for use for a single PC only.

Was the CD supplied by the PC supplier along with the PC? If not, where did it come from?

  dandew 15:51 14 Aug 2010

No the CD was not supplied by PC maker.

I had the CD here from some other PC.
Not sure about where used but thought the key was only important thing.

  Batch 15:59 14 Aug 2010

What OS did the PC have on it before? If it was XP, what version of XP?

Also, if it was XP Pro before, do you know what Service Pack level it was at at the time it was supplied by the manufacturer? AND what Service Pack level is the CD you have (it should say on the CD)?

BTW, you should be aware that you may be (unwittingly) trying to breach Microsoft's licence terms.

  dandew 16:33 14 Aug 2010

The original disk was dead. Anyway was a little small in capacity, but it had been xp pro.
The disk i have in now is from another computer, cleaned down , erased and formatted, so is basically a new disk.
The licence from Microsoft agreement must be Ok as the system is using the key on the PC case.
So to crarify. The Computer Case has the Key sticker, The original HardDisk gone and replaced with a bigger completely clean hard disk.
The CD is one ( you say OEM ) which I had here.
I am not concerned about Microsoft as the system was already using XP Pro .

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