Xp pro pc connected but not visible on network

  Rockarch 09:25 06 Jul 2010

Hoping for some help with something that is bothering me - I'm running a small wired network with 4 pcs - 2 have xp home and 2 have xp pro. Everything is connected & working but one of the xp pro pcs is not visible to the other pcs in 'My network places' or within the workgroup under 'Windows Network'.

The pc is connected to the network and shared folders are accessible, I just can't see it at all.
I have done lots of web searching to try and get ideas and the only thing I found & tried is changing this command - netconfig server:hidden no
but this doesn't make any difference.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

  Ashrich 10:27 06 Jul 2010

Possibly a firewall problem , have you tried temporarily disabling it to see if things are better then ? Also , I assume it is in the same work group ( workgroup or MSHOME )


  Rockarch 10:43 06 Jul 2010

Yes it is in the same workgroup.
I don't think it's a firewall problem as I'm only using Windows Firewall.
Any other ideas?

  daureluc 11:31 06 Jul 2010

when you go on my network place how many icon do you get?
do you get 3 pc or 2 pc?

does this particular pc does not show on any other pc

it should normaly show like this

when you are working on pc 1 it will show pc2, pc3 and pc4
when you are working on pc 2 it will show pc1, pc3 and pc4

and so on...

once you provide more info, maybe we can find the issue

for computer support click here

  Rockarch 11:48 06 Jul 2010

Thanks for your help - yes of course I can be more precise.
When I go onto the network, I see all the other pcs and also the network backup drive and the print server which are all connected. Not being able to see the XP Pro pc is a problem from all other computers - but as I said - it is connected to the network because the shared files that are mapped as network drives work fine. THe problem is just about visibility in my network places.

The pc has norton AV 2010 and only windows firewall on it.

Please let me know if you need any further info.

  daureluc 12:04 06 Jul 2010

If i understand your issue:
All work fine, you can access the pc from the network and the network from the pc, but your pc icon dont show on the network.

Try and set up the icon manually. you right click on your computer window and set it up manually. get your pc ip address first as it will be required.

Not sure i can help any further without seeing your config


  Rockarch 11:46 15 Jul 2010

I'm still struggling with this issue and have reached the limit of my knowledge

I am trying to get a new XP pro machine to see another xp pro machine on my network.

To try and find out the problem I have done:

ping ip - that's ok
ping computername - also ok

net view \\computername - I get a system 51 error - 'cannot find network path'

Please could someone tell me what this might mean and how I can resolve it?
I have no issues with either of the pcs seeing other machines on the network - the difficulty is only between these two.
Hopefully some kind soul will come to my aid

  T0SH 22:08 18 Jul 2010

On the problem PC try turning off file and printer sharing then reboot turn it back on again wait a short while and try to browse to the share again

Are you certain the workgroup name is the same on all network nodes ?

Cheers HC

  Rockarch 16:53 22 Jul 2010

I carried on trying to resolve it and in the end I managed it.
This thread was the most helpful, in case anyone else needs something similar in future:

After a lot of attempts I finally found a solution that worked for me to solve this error message that appears when you try to access another pc or laptop on your mixed xp home / xp pro home network. There were a lot of solutions on all kinds of sites including this one, but none of them worked for me except the steps below. Hope this helps someone out!

1) Open Network Connections
2) Right click the wired or wireless connection you use to access the internet (for example, I use "Wireless Network Connection")
3) Select "Properties"
4) Select "install" then "protocol" then "add"
5) From the list select "microsoft tcp/ip version 6" and add it
6) Again select "install" then "protocol" then "add"
7) From the list select "NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS compatible transport protocol" and add it
8) Press OK or close
9) Go to the "advanced" menu at the very top of the network connections window (6th menu along)
10) Select "advanced settings"
11) Select the connection you use to connect to the internet
12) Under "file and printer sharing" tick tcp/ip 6 and nwlink. untick any others
13) Under "client" tick tcp/ip 6 and nwlink. untick any others
14) do steps 1 to 13 on all computers on your network
15) restart all computers
16) for me at least (running two laptops both with xp pro, and one desktop with xp home) all computers can now see each other and access shared folders and printers with no problems at all. no warning messages, no delays!

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