xp pro passwords

  john-251419 22:00 16 Dec 2004

hi folks, i have been given a pc running win xp pro, but the previous owner installed a password for his user name and also the administrator. problem is he is in the army with next to no chance of contact ,is there any way i can start the machine. i did a cmos reset but this only reset the bios password and not windows one.
hope someone can help.

  Eric10 22:32 16 Dec 2004

click here for some possibilities. I haven't had cause to try any of them myself but found the page by searching in Google. You could also click here for some previous threads on the subject.

  ventanas 22:43 16 Dec 2004

A very common problem, forgetting the admin password, but the user one? I think you have two choices, guess, or re-format and reinstall XP, this time choosing your own passwords. With respect it is not very good policy to show how to crack passwords on an open forum, however genuine the need may be. I'm sure you will appreciate that.

  Djohn 23:50 16 Dec 2004

The best way is to contact the previous owner of the PC. There should be no problem of contacting him/her even if he/she is in the armed forces. Did he/she not leave you with the passwords to gain access?

  Doogs 00:35 19 Dec 2004

I have been trying to install a legal version of xp pro over an unregistered version,using the repair facility. Everything seems ok until I try to start the new version when it asks for passwords. The install doesn't give a facility to enter passwords and I can't proceed until enter user passwords. I've read the other messages and tried to start in safe mode but I'm still asked for an Administrator password. I've tried just pressing enter to an empty password field but it rejects this and gives me the message "The system could not log you on due to the following error. The specified domain does not exist or could not be contacted. Please try again or consult yourn system administrator". My options appear to be to ask for how to get round this or do a clean install, which I'd rather not as although I've a recent backup on an external drive, I'm afraid of losing all my other drivers and software if I can't access the ecternal drive to restore everything - I'm really a novice. Any advice/assistance welcome!

  DrScott 10:25 19 Dec 2004

There are some neat tricks for resetting the admin passwords, but being an honest law abiding citizen I don't look at hacking sites! :) But a google search with terms like 'hack' 'reset' etc... will help you find what you need.

The OS also has a file called SAM (it's hidden).... if you type into google 'access SAM file' then you'll get tips on how to get the passwords you need :)

Hope that helps.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:23 19 Dec 2004

NT password cracker
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