XP Pro and modem problem

  corc2 20:09 19 May 2003

I've tried to install a pci modem on an XP Pro system. When I try to install drivers for it, XP gets about halfway through installing drivers (which don't have a signature) then reboots and says it has recovered from serious fault. If I install the modem as a 'standard 56000 modem', XP says the device is installed and is working properly. However, any software that tries to connect to internet says it cannot find the modem. I'm going round in circles installing and re-installing software. There was also a yellow question mark on 'simple communication device' which I disabled. Any ideas anyone?

  Lozzy 20:44 19 May 2003

Sounds very much like an incompatibility issue. Are you sure your using the correct driver for Win XP. Even though Device Manager says its ok and working prop if the driver has loaded correctly it will not work. Do you know what make and model the modem is?? If you use a generic driver the modem will work but at a very slow rate. If you don't know take the modem card out of the PC and have a look BUT MAKE SURE your earthed before touching it..

  Forum Editor 20:44 19 May 2003

as if you're trying to install a modem that wasn't marked as WindowsXP compatible, and that's why you're having the problem.

Some items that have unsigned drivers do work in XP, but not all of them do. Modems are a particular problem, and when XP was first launched modem drivers were the number one problem area - many manufacturers simply didn't see the sense in going to the expense of writing a driver and submitting it to Microsoft for modems that were superseded by later models.

Perhaps if you let us have the make and model of the modem one of us can come up with an answer.

  hugh-265156 20:56 19 May 2003

click here click here click here

only links i could find.xp should install the drivers itself as it comes with quite a lot.remove the modem in device manager and restart and then let windows install its own driver.

  DieSse 21:07 19 May 2003

"There was also a yellow question mark on 'simple communication device' which I disabled"

You can't do that - it's part on the modem installation.

  corc2 21:08 19 May 2003

The drivers supplied were Win2000. The guy who built the computer said that they would work with XP. The modem was an Ambient brand which I think may be an Intel modem. Thanks for the replies so far.

  corc2 21:16 19 May 2003

I think that it probably is the incompatibility issue.

  hugh-265156 21:33 19 May 2003

just typed w,w,w, ambient . com into google and it links to click here might help

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