XP Pro Keeps Freezing up

  meater 14:18 31 May 2003

Hi there,
Can anybody help me, I have sent in a similar response before and done all the things that has been suggested, but I still have the problem. I have checked PSU, Memory, Cables, Fans; I have even got an extra fan on the Case.

The lockups occur after the Machine has been on for some time, it is variable, and sometimes it could be for only 15 minutes. It does not seem to happen with applications such as Wood and Publisher etc. So I don’t think that it is a software problem. Do you think that Windows needs Repairing with the Setup CD? Would I lose anything by doing this?

I would be grateful for any help you can give me.

From Meater

  powerless 14:27 31 May 2003

Repairing Windows will not make you lose any of YOUR documents. You will have to reinstall any windows updates.

It's also a good idea to backup anything you value - just in case.

When it locks up a log should be created. Hopefully this log has been created and could tell you the cause of your problem.

To view the log. Click start > Run > Type:


Now click ok. Then click on APPLICATION and also SYSTEM. Have a look in the list for ERROR (in red) Now have a read what it says. At the bottom of this link there maybe a link, click this and there maybe a fix waiting.

  jeez 17:16 31 May 2003

are you running a third party memory manager?

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