XP Pro invalid product code

  User-597EE593-DACA-4EB3-AD63FC1A110DFAC0 13:23 01 Feb 2007

Hi all,

I've been asked to re install XP Pro on a friends laptop. He has not got the disk but the product code sticker is on the base of the laptop. When I install XP Pro it say that it's an invalid product code. I was under the impression that you could use any disc providing you use the the correct code for that machine.

Can anyone come up with a suggestion as to how to get XP installed on this laptop please?

Thanks J

  billyliv 13:33 01 Feb 2007

Hi wobbly on a pint, I am led to believe that the product key is embedded on the disc. As in pre-installed systems. If you havent overwritten the previous operating system it may be possible to retrieve the product key by using a small program. (I can send it to you). Cheers Bill

  jackhass 13:37 01 Feb 2007

billyliv it is not illegal to use the Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder.All you are doing is viewing the key.

Your virus scan may however show it to be an unwanted program but that's virus scan for you.

Thanks for that billyliv and jackhass but at this stage the old xp has gone due to the format before install of the disc I used. Besides, if the product key is on the base of the laptop, shouldn't I be able to use that? I would have got the same information using a keyfinder. I haven't lost the key, just don't seem to able to use the one that came with the laptop! lol

Good old Bill Gates, never makes it easy does he? lol


  PaulB2005 13:50 01 Feb 2007

"I am led to believe that the product key is embedded on the disc"

Sorry but that's false. A Home product key will only work with a Home CD and a Pro Key with a Pro CD.

It could be you have mis-typed a letter such as

0 or O
1 or l or I
2 or Z

  BioBob 13:52 01 Feb 2007

There are several XP versions and the CD keys dont work on each other... weird i know. You need the exact one.

  keef66 14:01 01 Feb 2007

I concur with PaulB2005. The product key isn't on the disk. Each time I have tried to reinstall my oem XP home I have been refused at the first attempt because I have mis read or mis typed one or more of the characters, so try again.

I reinstalled my sister-in-law's OEM XP Home pc using my XP disc and her product key.

ThanksPaul but I'm sure I've got it right but will check again. Bio seems like he may be onto something ... does this mean I've got to hunt around for all the different versions of xp and try them? Damn Mr Gates!

BTW anyone know how to find out which version was originall installed? I've got no paperwork or anything. It's an IBM Thinkpad.


  PaulB2005 14:17 01 Feb 2007

It should say on the Product key sticker.

Thanks Paul, will look when I get home.

I'll be back on the forum asking if anyone can mail me the version required! lol God, why do we say yes to these seemingly simple jobs? I can see this taking an age!!

Thanks j

  keef66 14:23 01 Feb 2007

As far as I know for XP Home you have 3 options, the original XP disk, XP inc SP1, and XP inc SP2.

I've only ever done it with the plain XP disc then applied SP2 from it's own CD.

Somebody correct me if I'm talking rubbish.

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