XP Pro. Installation Problems. Help!

  anniel 17:38 27 Mar 2004

We got our XP Pro.disc. from Overclockers (nice people to deal with) and today husband installed the new programme. The old system he had was 98SE.

We had hoped to do a clean install, but what has happened we now Have XP but all the files he left on the C drive are still there.

We thought that the disc would wipe all the contents of the HDD and just leave XP pro there.

The main problem is that he bought XP pro. to get the latest XCEL programme....but it is not there. We still have XCEL 97. The PC is not currently attached to the internet as it is going to be networked to mine in a week or so.

We had saved all the important data files to floppy and so we were hoping for a clean install and a new version of XCEL.

So, can I ask all the experts to tell us where we went wrong and why haven't we got the newer XCEL prog.??

Do we have to start all over again and can some kind soul explain what to do in simple terms. I did print off endless articles on this subject but none seems to give the answer we need.

Please excuse me being so nontechnical.

  Totally-braindead 17:40 27 Mar 2004

Excel is NOT part of windows, it is a seperate program

  VoG II 17:40 27 Mar 2004

Excel is part of Microsoft Office. It does not come with Windows.

  Totally-braindead 17:42 27 Mar 2004

What you will have to do is boot from the CDrom again, format the hard drive and do a clean install of XP thereafter.

  mrdsgs 17:43 27 Mar 2004

unless i am missing something.....

xp pro is the operatin system and your installation of it will replace windows 98 or whatever you had before.

Excel is part of Microsft office, a suite of software applications. This is totally unconnected with the operating sytem.

You upgrade excel, word etc to a newer version by buying office 2000, office xp or office 2003., not by installing windows xp pro.


  Indigo 1 17:45 27 Mar 2004

You will find Xcel in Office XP which is sepearate from the Operating system (XP Pro)

In order to do a clean install of XP it is first necessary to format the hard drive, that will prevent you seeing all the old files.

  anon1 18:36 27 Mar 2004

Yes but bear in mind if you format the hard drive you will lose ALL data on it including the current version of excel which you probably want to keep until you get the office xp or 2003 cd.

  anniel 18:50 27 Mar 2004

You make a valid point. I do not know why we bought XP Pro as XP home would have been much cheaper.

We should hang on until hubby is connected to thwe internet and we can buy the new XCEL programme.

Whyever did I think we were buying XP Professional because it contained XCEL. I think I may have been bamboozled by reading new PC specs. where you could pay extra for XP PRo. and XCEL.

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