XP PRO - Hibernation

  Islandgirl 09:54 09 Dec 2005

I lost my Internet connection when I hibernated my PC, I am sure I read about this in one of the recent PC Advisors, but can't seem to find it now, not that I ever can when I try to go back a few issues. When I closed down and restarted the PC in the ordinary way, the connection came back. Is there anything I can do to keep the connection when I hibernate. Thank you anyone for any help you can give me. Joan

  mgmcc 11:20 09 Dec 2005

You don't say how you connect to the internet (ADSL modem, Cable modem, broadband router etc) but, in general, when the PC comes out of hibernation its "adapter" needs to re-acquire the IP address.

You should be able to do this by double clicking its entry in the Network Connections folder, selecting the Support tab and clicking the Repair button.

  Islandgirl 13:09 09 Dec 2005

Thank you mgmcc I use BT Yahoo Broadband and have a router. Will I have to do this every time I wake up the PC. If so it will be easier for me to turn the PC off everynight. I hibernated it for the first time yesterday, having been told that this was better than closing it down every day. Joan

  woodchip 13:23 09 Dec 2005

you are better closing down at night, as it will sort your files and drive

  Islandgirl 13:28 09 Dec 2005

Thank you woodchip, will go back to what I've been doing for the last 3 years Joan

  mgmcc 13:43 09 Dec 2005

That's strange if you are using a router. I hibernate two PCs and, after coming out of hibernation, the little icon appears in the System Tray to indicate that the network adapter is "acquiring an IP address". After about 5 seconds the network is running again. Using fixed IP addresses might resolve the problem for you.

  Islandgirl 14:07 09 Dec 2005

Thanks again mgmcc I think I understand what you are saying but think I have a fixed IP address, but not sure. I will have to ask someone local to help me out, in the meantime looks like I better turn the PC off properly, or should I say just turn it right off.
When I turned it off and then on again this am it b
picked up the Internet ok. Joan

  jz 20:09 09 Dec 2005

"you are better closing down at night, as it will sort your files and drive"

Could you explain what you mean by this please Woodchip?

  woodchip 20:16 09 Dec 2005

AS you use windows it creates tem file and goodness knows what else but it does straiten the drive up when you close computer down. In Hibernation it cannot do this as all you do is create a big file of what the disc looks like and it saves it to disc, when you restart it kind of unpacks this file so you start where you left off.

PS also Programs tend to leak memory, the worse they are written the more likely it will happen this can create a crash click here

  jz 13:44 11 Dec 2005

Thanks Woodchip.

I'm not too sure about your point on memory leaks. As soon as you quit the leaky programme, Windows XP frees up all the leaked memory. I'm assuming that Windows itself doesn't have a memory leak of course. Also, I'm not sure if non-NT based Windows (eg 95/98/ME) can free up memory leaks problems after quitting the leaky programme.

Servers often run for months (possibly over a year) without being re-booted, so if there are any accumulating problem, they must be very small.

I always use hibernation, perhaps rebooting every month (eg after a programme install or update that requires a re-start).

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