Xp Pro Freezes Up

  £$£$£$ 01:14 25 Jul 2004

i have recently had to reinstall windows after formatting the hard drives. I had a few problems with the SATA hard drives not being reconised by windows but i fianlly sorted it out i need the si3114r silicon image controller drivers put onto floppy then installed so xp would reconise the hard drives.
But when i wasn't sure about what the hell to do i thought that it may have something to do with the bios settings so after messing aroud with these i managed to set an alarm off. I didnt know what to do when i restarted the alarm would cont'. So i thought i wqould reset the bios and start again so i pulled the battery and left it for 30 mins or so then started the computer again and the alarm had stopped.
Ever since i got windows back working reinstalled(and before in the original state that i got the computer but too a lesser extent) the computer has been doing intermitent freezes when nothing happens, only the hard drive light on the machine lights up it doesnt flicker it just stays constantly a light, the machine stays frozen for about 10 secs or so then goes bacck to what i was doing. This happens both online and off.
Ive got an up to date virus scanner installed and a firewall. I also use adware and spybot regulary and also i use acronis privacy expert to do full internet clean up wiping away cookies etc, every time i come offline.
Any Ideas???

  flyingpeterpan 09:48 25 Jul 2004

Please give detail of your PC such as model of MOBO, I have a feeling you might have used the wrong Sil controller.

  £$£$£$ 13:36 25 Jul 2004

My Motherboard is ABIT KV8 MAX3 my processor is AMD AThlon64 3400 My harddrive(s) are connected to the SATA-3 and SATA-4 connector which im sure uses the silicon image SATA controller where SATA-1 and SATA-2 controlled via the southbridge thus doesnt need the silicion image controller.

When i put the silicon image drivers on too the system i tryed to load si3112r but it wouldnt work it need for si3114r to be installed for Xp Pro to reconise the hard drives

  flyingpeterpan 13:43 25 Jul 2004

Your PC's spec is the same as one of my computers,but I don't have any problems of yours,are you using RAID?

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