XP Pro false set up with Windows Installer

  MIKE. 09:10 24 Sep 2006

A neighbour of mine son decided he wanted XP Pro on his machine not XP Home which he was running. I know it is illegal but he borrowed a Pro disc from one of his school chums but chickened out loading Pro part way through the set up. I came into this problem because now his XP home would not load and was asked could I help. We now have XP home up and running. The situation is after home loads Windows Installer tries to attempt to set up XP Pro is there any way I can stop Windows Installer trying to set up XP Pro as it is not required.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:22 24 Sep 2006

The best solution would be a clean install of XP Home; failing that, try are repair:

How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install
click here

  MIKE. 09:26 24 Sep 2006

Thanks Diodorus Siculus I did a repair on XP home to get that working,but the the problem still exists after repair.

  johnnyrocker 09:52 24 Sep 2006

system restore? or is that not an option in view of what has been done before?


  MIKE. 10:02 24 Sep 2006

No chance not sure when he tried to beat the system. He only volantiers the info is when he thinks he will not get into trouble from his parents.

  thms 10:17 24 Sep 2006

My nephew did the same thing, Ended up having to install on my computer as slave to back up his stuff then had to reformat and re-install.

His unfortunately couldn't get out of the windows installer.

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