Xp pro failed validation cheapest way to legal

  DougieR 14:42 26 Apr 2007

I am running a copy of win xp pro operating system but it failed the validation test from Microsoft.
I want to make my copy legal but I have a number of questions concerning the cheapest route.
I have a genuine copy of win 98 'upgrade' the first released.
I need to make my present copy legal but I am also considering a major computer upgrade in the near future so I have discounted the OEM version of xp pro as it would not be licensed for more than one computer and I would not be able to validate with Microsoft on the new build.
I do not want vista for a couple of years because of old associated hardware and driver problems.
I would be legally entiled to the student teacher upgrade version for win xp pro and I can get a copy brought over from the USA for 115 dollars £68.
I understand the American version has no differences from that available in Britain, is this correct?
I plan to make my copy legal by inserting the disc from boot and doing a system repair which will ask for the new product code and then hopefully be recognised by the microsoft advantage tool as genuine.
Then when I build a new system I will uninstall win xp pro from my old computer and do a fresh install on a clean hard disc using the win 98 upgrade disc to prove that I am entitled to the win xp pro upgrasde disc. I have done similar with win 98 using upgrade discs to get a clean full operating system install from an upgrade disc.
Are all my assumptions correct and is this the cheapest and best route to solve my problem?
Many thanks for your time.

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