XP Pro Boot up

  CDL 19:43 11 Apr 2004

System has been fine, but now it wont boot up. I get to the welcome page and then it tries to start again. This process repeats continually.
I have checked in 'setup' and nothing appears to have changed. No other alterations or 'other than normal' changes have been made.

Any suggestions ?


  hugh-265156 19:46 11 Apr 2004

try booting into safe mode(keep tapping F8 when you switch on)

click start/run and type msconfig then click the start up tab

untick everything here except your av and firewall and restart the computer.

does it start now?

ps.if your getting remote procedure call errors post back,could be a virus.

  VoG II 19:59 11 Apr 2004
  CDL 20:13 11 Apr 2004

Hi huggyg71 !

Thanks for that - should have thought of it myself !

I've disabled a load and now it boots ok so I'll try and eliminate the culprit.


  hugh-265156 20:17 11 Apr 2004

put one tick back at a time and hopefully you will find the problem.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:20 11 Apr 2004

Did you have a look at VoG™'s post; it describes your problem exactly?

(And I want this in my postings...).

  CDL 00:29 12 Apr 2004

Yes, and thanks VoG, - I've been working on it but still haven't got it resolved.I've replaced kernel32.dll and unchecked all boxes now but the problem remains ! However now it's inconsistent - on some restarts it's fine whilst on others it takes 20, yes 20! attempts.Last time it took 3 so things are improving ! But there is obviously something not right somewhere.I've scanned for a virus and done various checks but I can't find an obvious problem.I have also ensured that nothing else is automatically reloading for start up.
What next ?

  hugh-265156 00:42 12 Apr 2004

if you can get windows up and running long enough to change the setting try:

start/control panel/system/advanced/start up and recovery/settings

untick "automatically restart" you should now get an error displayed instead of a restart.this may help to troubleshoot if its a windows problem.

it could even be a power supply problem maybe.

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