XP Pro - Automatic account log on on start up

  cosi 13:44 18 Feb 2004

What I would like my PC to do is power up at a given time each day & log on to 1 particular user account.

Power up at a set time I can do. But getting XP to log on automatically into 1 (of currently 2) particular user account seems not possible, according to Windows support database.

Is this true ? I am hoping there is someone out there better than Mr Gates' employees :-).

  JIM 14:03 18 Feb 2004

Bypass The Windows XP Log On Screen?

To make logon an unattended process?

Click [Start] [Run] and type

control userpasswords2
Click [OK]

The [User Accounts] Property Sheet displays.

On [Users] tab, clear the [Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer] check box.

Click [Apply].

Enter a user name and password that should be used to logon automatically in the dialog box that appears.

Click [OK].
Go to [Control Panel] [User Accounts] [Change the Way Users Log On and Off].

Uncheck [Use the Welcome Screen] and [Use Fast User Switching]

am i on on the wrong track,cosi?

  cosi 14:12 27 Feb 2004

Thanks JIM. This sounds very similar to Microsoft's solution. It assumes (requires) that I only have one account on the computer, I think.

I actually have 3 currently: the Administrator with password & two others without. I would like to start up straight into one of the accounts without a password..while keeping the others available for switching.

I have this nasty suspicion this is not feasible, unless you know otherwise.

  joelmb 14:48 27 Feb 2004

I would have thought it would work, but too havent tried, i only have one account, which it does allow to boot straight in.

Interested by your power up at set time - how you do that?

  cosi 22:47 28 Feb 2004


Thanks again. Maybe I will give it a go, after next time I back up (&set a restore point)...cannot be too careful ;-)

The power up at set time is a setting in one of the BIOS set up screens, that comes with my ASUS P4T533 mobo.

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