XP Pro 64 bit

  aeroguide 22:19 15 Feb 2006

Having just bought a new base unit with a 64 bit o/s I'm having difficulties with drivers and applications. In other words I need help!

Firstly, I wanted to connect it up to my WLAN (via a belkin router F5D7633-4a/b and USB Adapter F5D7050). no chance! I called Belkin only to be told that they do not have the drivers for this hardware that is compatible.But they did give me a ticket number!
But Hey, thats not a problem. I connected up a ethernet cable (now hard wired) to the router.
At this point I must say there is another pc running xp home on the network, connected to the belkin router via an ethernet cable.
Anyway, hey presto...internet connection, but no lan. (small problem, so I thought, just as long as I am on the internet I can download updated drivers for 64 bit system/o/s)
Woa! just thought, no antivirus/internet security loaded. So I then loaded(or tried to) norton internet security...no chance.
yes once again...no driver!

Has the whole world suddenly become a haven for luddites? or is it me wanting too much?

Perhaps there might be someone out there having, or had the same or simular problems as me and could point me in the right direction?...I hope so!

  vinnyT 10:58 16 Feb 2006

Lots of early 64bit adoptors found/find themselves in your shoes, it is getting better and will be even more so when vista is released as this will push developers to release 64 compat drivers.

Take a look at avast 4.5 click here as you can see from the feature list, it is 64 bit compat. Not sure if this is a free version or not.

google page for 64x firewalls, suggest you google for any other drivers/patches you need, may be out there, may not.

Hope this helps.

  aeroguide 19:48 16 Feb 2006

Many thanks Vinny...I will give this a go. But
after talking to other people, it might be a good idea to "downgrade" to xp home for the sort term. It would certainly cure my driver problems, even though my system would not be running the way I first intended.
So now I'm looking at dual o/s, which brings up new problems..maybe (See next thread "dual o/s)

Many thanks

  vinnyT 11:56 17 Feb 2006

You're welcome, and yes I agree for the time being it would make a lot of sense to dual boot with xp so you can use the pc as you wish.

  jack 12:13 17 Feb 2006

Whilst I must admit to doing a 64 bit rebuild last year on my [then] 4 year old Athlone 1.4- If one is going to rebuild you may as well start as you mean[hope] to go on.
In reality I guess I am an advocate of last weeks technonogy- All the bits a available and much lower prices.
Otherwise it is a waiting game - waiting for the others to catch-up, whilst your nice new set up is aging at rapid rate.
It a battle no one wins I guess.

  aeroguide 19:49 17 Feb 2006

Yeah..I agree Jack (we all know of Moores Law!)

Prior to upgrading I was running a P2 450 with W 95, which I bought 11yrs ago.And at the time I thought this will be the only system I will ever need, it was state of the art...I watched the bus roll by...and became very frustrated, and the wife was giving me grief..a very long story but it involed my work and her system

But now I've gone to the other side of the spectrum.


AMD 64 Dual core 4800
2.0 gb low lat. ram
2x WD 1000rpm Raptors
ati radeon x800xt 512 graphics x2

I'm gobsmacked!

So after 11 yrs I did myself a favour...

  Mytob 21:32 17 Feb 2006

k id just like to point out xp x64 version is well the worst one they have every released by all acounts. if i were you stick with x86 version of windows or even better go for a x64 version of some linux distro as linux has been 64 bit for a long time now and is very much more stable and secure. xp 64 is just a big bodge held together by duck tape to keep all the 64 bit guys happy until vista comes along when it will be promptly throws in the rubbish where is belongs. windows 64 stay away from nuff said :)

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