woodchip 09:41 26 Sep 2005

As there as been a lot of miss info about OEM. Hear is my response.

Lets get this Strait About OEM and XP. If the OEM is loaded by a Retailer and you have no CD, You still have the Licence attached to the Computer this is a Unique number to your computer. The number is not on the CD. So any XP CD should work with the Key however, I do think that they are done in Batches so that a part of the key Number will only work with Certain CD's. But I can Get a New Motherboard and get a Full OEM CD at the same time as I buy the Motherboard With a XP book and Key. This can be used by you on One PC in theory after about three months Microsoft in this country are governed by Data Protection Act and have to remove Activation Information so there is no way that they would know if you loaded the CD on another computer. This I know is not Legal. However it could be done. But going back to the OEM's the disc does not need to be renewed every time you fit a new Mobo etc you just reactivate the Licence. If what you said above about OEM's this would stop you Upgrading the Computer, as lots of the upgrades make it as you have to reactivate the License and would not be in line with what MS are trying to do. That is stop People Getting something for nothing, and people making money dishonestly by selling cracked XP discs.

Just to add. You could upgrade a OEM computer until it was a completely New and Different Computer and the License would still be Valid

  zemdarin 10:13 26 Sep 2005

What happens when the XP is loaded by the retailer and you want to format your computer and reload XP. How do you go on about that? I wouldn't want to go out and buy a new M/B just to get an XP disc, when I should have had one supplied. Not everything is made clear when you buy, plus people are not up to it if they are buying for the first time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:22 26 Sep 2005

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)Licence is for one computer this is why the Sticker with product number is attatched to the machine.

Some manufactures tie the number into the BIOS of the particular machine which makes certain upgrades (motherboard) impossible. Therefore the lience dies with the machine.

Full licence can be transfered from machine to machine. That particular No. only to be used on one PC at once.

From click here
Windows is licensed for use on a single PC, and cannot be shared among multiple PCs. If you receive a copy of Windows pre-loaded on your PC, you cannot transfer the licence to another PC.

  woodchip 10:23 26 Sep 2005

Oem computers come with ether a Restore Disc or a CDRW or DVDRW drive by that means you can get on the road to recovering and into the habit of backing up your entire system. Get Norton Ghost or as I have Acronis True Image there are plenty on cover discs that is what I have managed with as a Backup so far Although I do have all the Full OEM discs supplied and Recovery discs. This is up to you, when you buy a Computer. If they do not Supply, Just say you will go elsewhere, it's your money and only you can say how it will be spent. Retailers are able to sell cheaper systems by not supplying CD's and use OEM's. YOU GET WHAT you pay for.

  woodchip 10:25 26 Sep 2005

So what if you buy a new system box to Upgrade it. I.E remove the sticker or what?????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:33 26 Sep 2005

I would love to know where they buy the glue to stick these things on, virtually impossible to remove without tearing. :0)

  woodchip 10:34 26 Sep 2005

We have to get real about this, as I said you could in theory update the computer until there was no old computer. The System box would not even need reactivating and would not stop you getting XP updates

  zemdarin 10:47 26 Sep 2005

In my previous response I did say, people that are new at buying wouldn't know about back-up discs, so there wouldn't be any point in saying " I will go some where else" I have updated my computer now, it is hardly recognizable from when I bought it, but that is only from reading and reading. My system certainly wasn't cheap in 2001 costing me over £1,000. I didn't have the knowledge then, to know much about anything, and I am afraid not many other new buyers will have either. You can only say things like this when you are a more knowledgeable user.

  woodchip 10:51 26 Sep 2005

I agree. This is the sorry plight of many they get caught out in the system

  gudgulf 10:51 26 Sep 2005

It is well worth reading this article from microsoft.The subject is Windows Product Activation but it gives lots of answers to questions commonly asked about OEM versions of XP click here

  woodchip 11:02 26 Sep 2005

As I said above

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