jam500 23:10 27 Jan 2007

Hi, I have windows XP preinstalled on my pc, Can i get an XP cd for it, If so how? I want to swap my motherboard and it seems i will need to do the repair option but as i dont have the cd i cant do this. Help.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:12 27 Jan 2007

Retail CD. For price buy the OEM as its only about £58 ish.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:13 27 Jan 2007

Back-up your work before doing any DIY.

  jam500 23:15 27 Jan 2007

Thanks Dusty Bin, Do you know a way around my problem i have searched all day long and was hoping that i wouldnt have to fork out for another copy, But if thats what i have to do so be it.

  terryf 23:21 27 Jan 2007

Go back to vendor and ask for CD

  ForestChav 23:47 27 Jan 2007

Do you have an i386 folder on the hard drive?

  Totally-braindead 00:36 28 Jan 2007

If you have a friend with an XP disk you could borrow it and use that to do your repair. If you have to put the serial number in again, and you shouldn't have to but if you do make sure you use your serial number and not your friends.
It just needs an XP disk, it does not have to be the one you originally got it will work with any as long as its the same operating system ie if yours is XP Home you need an XP Home disk.

  SLAYER 08:35 28 Jan 2007

Adding a bit to Totally-braindead's answer,but not totally sure if this is the case.If the original disk had sp2 with xp I think you have to use similar to do a repair.

Have a look at my recent post.

click here


click here

  jam500 08:35 28 Jan 2007

Hi, Yes ForestChav i have the i386 folder, What do i do? Thanks. Thanks Totally-braindead i will see if i can get a friends disc, I know that it is totally wrong and i dont think its right but someone i know has a copy of xp, Can i just use the repair option off that and use my code. Would this way work or would it install the copied version and make mine illegal? As i dont want that as i have a genuine version and i like to update it which you cant do with a copy.

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