XP Not reporting correct space on hard drive

  rlh1965 14:50 11 Jun 2003

I simply do not know how this is happening, but the free space on my hard dirve keeps growing smaller, yet I am deleting programs and files which SHOULD show the drive to have more free space.

I have a Sony Viao with a main hard dirve of 80GB, it is currently partioned at about even
C Drive at 43 GB and D drive at about 35GB
I do not use the D drive it is simply there to palce the temp files while I burn a CD.

Anyway, every now and then I take a few hours to do some cleanup, and delete old files or not needed files and programs.

For exaample last night I had a current used space of 9.73GV and freee space of about 33.22GB

I then removed a program (Roxio's Easy CD Creator 6 which was 756 MB and then alos deleted about 150MB of old eamil files out of OutlookExpress

After doing this, then running a Defrag and rebooting , I went to My Computer and opened the properties window and instead of seeing MORE free space, it now shows I have 10.23 Gb of used space

So insted of shrinking or lowering the used space and increasing the free space it did just the opposite


This happena all the time, I just can not figure out why I keep GAINING used space when I am removing MB all the time

  Jester2K II 14:55 11 Jun 2003

Maybe the Pageing File (Swap File - type of temporary memory file) is growing as would be expected.

Also don't laptop store info for Hibernation? Maybe thats taking up space.

Also Win XP has System restore - this also takes up space.

All the above would grow in day to day use.

Keep an eye on it over a week. Check your Av is up to date too...

  Jester2K II 15:00 11 Jun 2003

"Also don't laptop store info for Hibernation? Maybe thats taking up space."

Sorry i assumed the Sony Vaio is a laptop! Is it or not??

Also did you compact the e-mail folder in Outlook Express After deleting 150mb e-mails?? If not you won't get that space back yet!!

Did you empty the deleted items folder??

Did you empty the recycle bin??

  rlh1965 16:09 11 Jun 2003

The Viao is a Desktop PC, not a laptop

I did empty the delelted folder, but I DID not copact the folders...I will do this....

How can I set System restore to not use as much space??

I did empty the recycle bin, through Norton's Clean Sweep

  Jester2K II 16:12 11 Jun 2003

System Restore. Right click My Computer, properties, System Restore tab. Highlight your drive and click Settings....

Thought it might be a Desktop (i just assumed wrongly).

If the level is really that noticable then it might eb something serious but keep a eye on it over a week.

Have you definately cleared all temp files too??

  rlh1965 16:24 11 Jun 2003

Yes I have cleared up all temp files, I have had thei problem or situation happen several times in the recent past,

I go to free up some extra space, and instead of the C:\ Drive shoing more free space it shows less

And this occurs RIGHt after I have removed files ( and in some cases programs as well)

I can see that System Restore might be taking up some space, but would this happen right at the time I delete the files & programs??

As you can tell from my first comments, I have plenty of free space, but I just don't understand how I am gaingin used space right after removing several MB of files or programs.....

How often does System Restore munch some space and how much does it take??

  Jester2K II 17:26 11 Jun 2003

System Restore takes as much as you set up in the settings i told you about above. It does this when you delete stuff so you can restore it later.

I would still think the likely cause is the swap file. It might be worth rebooting after the clean up and then checking the drive space levels.

  rlh1965 19:45 11 Jun 2003

Maybe I do not understand the concept of the virtual memory/paging file; but I did not know it took up disk space other than the amount you can set up. I have 1 Gig of memory and I believe I have set the pageing/swap file to 1590MB which is about 1.5 times what I have in memory/ram.
How is this setting effecting my free sapce on my drive, doesn't this file remain contstant....I mean it does not increase over the limit I set it to.....does it?? I thought it was just borrowed then replaced when not needed or used....so I am still confused as to how this is effecting what is reportedm after I delete large amounts of files ,folders and sometimes even programs

  Jester2K II 12:18 12 Jun 2003

Did you set the swap file to a fixed size of 1.5 Gb or was it set to the maximum of 1.5Gb? If maximum then it will grow and shrink as it is required..

Other than that I'm stumped...

  Quiller. 13:07 12 Jun 2003

Hi Jester2K II. Welcome back.

As you say, if the min and max swap file are not the same size, then windows will continually shrink or increase it to what it needs. but with 1GIG of memory installed, I would not of thought that it would be much.lol

As to the main question, it has me scratching my head and I think you have come up with a credible solution.

  rlh1965 16:06 12 Jun 2003


I have set it to a fixed amount of the min & max to the same amount...... 1.5GB

Laast night I removed a ...almost never used program Easy CD Creator 5 (which was about 129MB)

Before the uninstall the used space was 7.12GB
After the uninstall.....removing 129MB it went to
7.75 or there abouts......

Again I have removed files & a program (I forgot to mention deleted several Excel files as well) and the free space goes down or rather the used space goes up???

Are you saying it is due to the swap file???

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