XP No Shutdown - CPU 100%

  STREETWORK 07:47 12 Feb 2007

My daughters PC, HP Pavillion and 1 year old running XP-SP2 will not shut down, it hangs for ever and pressing the power button is the only option. Also, the CPU in task manager, performance shows 100% all the time. The PC is very slow, mainly at closing down applications.

So far I have:

1. Cleaned up the PC software and run all sorts of virus scans and ad-scans
2. Run Hi-jack this
3. Up-dated all drivers for each hardware component
4. Reformatted and reinstalled the operating system.

Still the same problem, now thinking it hardware related. Any clues as what else to try please...

  bennyhillslovechild 07:51 12 Feb 2007

You need to find out what is causing the PC to run at 100% - if you open Task Manager again, and look at the processes tab, you can see cpu usage of each process. Make a note of the one or few that is/are particularly high and let us know what it is. We can then say if it can be safely disabled or come up with a better solution.

  ed-0 07:53 12 Feb 2007

Are they any usb devices pluged into the computer. Remove them before shutdown.

Go to msconfig and disable everything, reboot and try. But put the AV back on before you go back on the net.

  STREETWORK 07:58 12 Feb 2007


I have checked processes and there is nothing to show that anything is hogging memory. The System shows 90-99% but the processes do not add up to this at all.

There are no usb devices connected.

Ran msconfig and deselected all start up items.

Also booted into safemode, this showed the same results as first post.

in performance the CPU still shows 100% and system memory 234 from 1024 installed.

I also cleared the paging file for good measure.

  ed-0 08:02 12 Feb 2007

" in performance the CPU still shows 100% "

So as above, what processes are running to use the 100% of the cpu?

Are you sure it is useage and not cpu idle?

  bennyhillslovechild 08:03 12 Feb 2007

None of the processes are showing a high CPU usage? Not memory, but CPU....if Task Manager is showing 100% usage, then it should show which process is causing it.

  STREETWORK 08:09 12 Feb 2007

That's the strange thing, System Idle shows 00%, svhost shows the highest at 30,516 and system shows 99% now, but when you add all the numbers up it does not equal 99%, so where is it gone.

avg - 47,000
firefox 47,000

all other processes are below 4,000

  bennyhillslovechild 08:11 12 Feb 2007

That's memory usage. Open task manager, processes Tab, go View, select columns and check CPU usage. Then on that column, see which is using the most.

  STREETWORK 08:18 12 Feb 2007


CPU usage does not show anything using over 11% with AVG being the highest, fluctuating between 9 and 14% and system idle corresponding to this with between 86 and 91%.

Under performance, the CPU still shows 100% and does not come down at all

  ed-0 08:22 12 Feb 2007

" system idle corresponding to this with between 86 and 91%."

Thats about normal for running an AVG scan in the background. It's saying you are just using between 10 and 15% of the cpu and not the 100%. Thats the idle bit.

Yet it still says it's using 100% of the cpu?

  bennyhillslovechild 08:38 12 Feb 2007

Streetwork - Has this happened recently, or has it been going on a while....there was an issue with one of the Windows security updates that could cause this problem.

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