XP New Instal not functioning correctly

  AlanHo 16:23 24 Oct 2008

A friend asked me to help solve a problem with his 5 year old Fujitsu Siemens Windows XP desktop computer. It kept freezing, not responding to mouse clicks and suddemly closing down on its own.

I tried various things including a full malware scan and clean up, dust removal inside case, check for loose components etc - but the problem remained. I decided to get back to basics - swapped the hard drive (IDE ATA133) for a spare one I knew to be perfect and used the Fujitsu Siemens recovery disc to format the drive and instal a clean copy of XP.

This went OK but upon booting the computer still shows errant mouse behaviour. Sometimes it will not respond to a mouse click - but if I just open and close task manager, without doing anything with it, the mouse comes to life again. A permanent problem is that the desktop icons cannot be moved - they jump back to their original position (even though the desktop settings are correct)and icons cannot be dragged into the quick launch taskbar.

I have tried 3 diffrent mouses - both USB and PS2 without success and have re-installed XP yet again in case the original installation was corrupted. I have even tried using a retail XP CD to install XP from an independent source - but the same behaviour continues.

It would therefore appear to be a problem with the computer - rather than with the XP software - but having changed the hard drive I am stumped what it could be.

Any ideas...?

  @[email protected]!c 16:28 24 Oct 2008

you might want to try a ps/2 to usb adapter for the mouse and try that, just in case the mouse port is down. or try another mouse perhaps..kind regards akanic

  @[email protected]!c 16:29 24 Oct 2008

sorry but overlooked that you tried other mouses/mice :)

  @[email protected]!c 16:30 24 Oct 2008

and ps/2 sorry i just jumped straight in on this without reading the full thread...sorry :( kind regards akanic

  baldydave 16:32 24 Oct 2008

have you ran a memory test such as memtest86 or microsoft test found here
click here
click here
Also have you got a spare PSU you could try,these could be the problems causing freezing /shutdowns and can also affect the mouse.

  AlanHo 12:19 25 Oct 2008

Problem now resolved.

Although the hard drive was taken from an external USB drive used for back-ups on another computer and working perfectly - I ran chkdsk which found and fixed a bad block.

The computer is now running perfectly - so it was the hard drive after all.

Thanks to all for your contributions.

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