xp on new harddrive

  deggsymann 20:29 15 Jan 2004

I decided to upgrade my old (very) 8gb hard drive and replace it with a new 80gb one. As i have another drive as a backup drive i decided to install xp on the new one and use it as my system drive (on a 10gb partition).All went well until i discovered my xp disk will not boot even though i have set cd to boot first in my bios.

No problem i thought. What if i take my backup drive out, boot using the old drive, partition and install xp on the new drive,change the drive letters around so the new drive is c, take the old drive out and reboot.

Xp installed no prob on the new drive, but i cant change the letters over, and if i try to boot with just the new drive installed, xp wont boot.

If i leave the old drive in however, i can choose between both systems and boot from either - i know i have booted from the new xp as the desktop is different.

Any ideas anyone?

  Forum Editor 20:55 15 Jan 2004

as the master on the primary IDE cable?

Put the WinXP CD in the drive, start the computer, and press F8 as it does its POST. Select the option to start with a command prompt.

When you have the prompt, type the drive letter for your CD drive, followed by a colon (E:) and press the enter key. When you're at the drive letter prompt, type: setup.exe and press enter.

  deggsymann 06:26 16 Jan 2004

My new drive is indeed set as the master on the Primary.

Last night when booting with just the new drive on i got the error message ' NTLDR is missing , press Ctrl, Alt, Delete to restart'. Don't know if this affects your advice in any way?

Am at work at moment (oh the joys of a 5.30 am start), but will give it a go this afternoon.


  Forum Editor 07:24 16 Jan 2004

(the ntldr bit is short for NT loader)is a program loaded from the hard drive boot sector which enables Windows to start.

The error message you're getting can in fact be caused by an improperly connected IDE cable, so the first thing to do is to make sure that the cable connectors are properly seated at both ends.

Check that the hard drive is being recognised correctly in the BIOS before you start, and double check that the CD ROM is set as the first boot device.

If you have access to a Windows 98 startup disk you could try using that to get things moving - put the WinXP CD in the CD ROM drive and boot the machine with the floppy in the drive.

My earlier advice won't be of any help, because this is a new drive isn't it? I answered in haste, thinking there was a previous installation of Windows on the drive.

  deggsymann 07:56 16 Jan 2004

The drive did show up in the startup screen, and then a new page opened and a counter had some letters (IPE or something like that) that counted up to 5 then i got the error (sorry about the vagueness but i didnt write it down) .

Windows xp is on the new drive, and i am given the option of booting from it if the old drive is on as a slave.
It seems to work ok if i choose it and i got the welcome to xp tour etc and a new desktop. If i choose the old xp my old desktop returns.

Am i right in thinking you mean wiping the new xp completely, starting with win98 floppy and installling it again with cd help enabled

  deggsymann 17:17 19 Jan 2004

A friend suggested checking the plastic clips which determine master or slave.

Both clips were set up as master( X 0 0 X -factory default), but at his suggestion i took out one and just had one clip in ( X 0 0 0) .

Booted first time.

Your suggestion about the connections triggered his response so thanks

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