XP Network Problem

  AJBoon 23:02 17 Aug 2004

I have a problem on my office network, there are four machines, they are all on XP Pro running through a router and all have administrator accounts, shared drives, updated antivirus software (Panada done Daily), all get IP's from DHCP in router and until Saturday the network has run fine for over a year. On Saturday we suddenly lost the ability to access the machines across the netowrk. We go to My Network Places, view Workgroup Computers and double click the computer name and instantly get a message saying either "access denied" or "logon error", this happens from every machine to any other machine on the network. If you add in a different machine that was not on the network when the problem started you can access that machine over the network but still can't get into the others, have run full adaware/spybot/pestpatrol/antivirus on every machine. Have even tried linking two of the machines directly with static IP's through a crossover and a different hub and get same problem. Have reloaded windows on one of the machines and that now doesn't have the problem, it can be accessed but can't access anything else. They all still have internet and email as well. We have checked all the shares/registry/policies etc. Puling our hair out as we can't really reload all machines, plus would like to know incase it happens again. P.S Spybot flags possible XABOT virus on one machine but Norton 2004 and Panda say it's clean.
Thanks for any help

  AndySD 23:15 17 Aug 2004

Try downloading and running the trial version of TDS3 click here on the pc showing XABOT

  AJBoon 23:22 17 Aug 2004

Will try it and see Many Thanks

  AJBoon 11:23 18 Aug 2004

Unfortunately no joy with that but nice program anyway.

  ensonricky 11:54 18 Aug 2004

Are youb running any firewalls, if so try temporarily disabling them to see if they are causing the problem.

  Urotsukidoji 12:01 18 Aug 2004

can you ping the other computers or the router?
try pinging the computer names.

in my case (change to suit your network) i would co to a command prompt (start>run>cmd) ping dibble
if you can ping the computers, try pinging the router

  AJBoon 18:00 18 Aug 2004

Hi guys, can ping names of all machines and the router no problem, router has firewall to internet but no firewalls on machines

  johnsims 18:37 18 Aug 2004

Have you tried:

1. Turning power to router off for a couple of minutes (with all PCs off) and then turning it back on again, and booting up PCs

2. Logging in to the Router and checking the settings have not gone awry.

  AJBoon 22:34 18 Aug 2004

as stated in original post have tried setup without router with same problem

  Lozzy 07:52 19 Aug 2004

If you can ping ok but still denied access try re setting IP addresses making sure no one has played about with each PC Name nor workgorup name. Also check that DCHP and DNS values are set correctly and not been altered.

Did you install any new software prior to this happenning or did anyone do any down loads?

  AJBoon 10:31 19 Aug 2004

Pc names and workgroup name have been checked as have ip addresses, as i said they have even been tried as static ip's through a hub as well as dynamic/DHCP through router. DCHCP and DNS have not been altered. We are looking at potential strains of Xabot.W virus but cannot confirm, there is no fixes or cleaners for it yet.

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