XP and .NET passports

  mentalmike 11:37 03 Mar 2003

On a pc i'm using i tryed to run MSN messenger, messenger itself could connect but it came back with an error to do with the password, either it wasn't correct or at the time or trying to log on the .Net service was down. Since then I tryed to run the .NET passport wizzard from user accounts in control pannel and just get the message:
The wizard could not connect to the internet, or the web service returned a wizard page that is not valid.

I was wondering if there is some way the .Net service has been disabled on the pc somehow and if it has how to get it going again

The Net framework has been installed from windows update as well.

Thanks for any help!

  ©®@$ђ 11:51 03 Mar 2003

are you behind a firewall, if so have you given the wizard permission to connect to the internet

  mentalmike 12:02 03 Mar 2003

ah that could be it, well i already have a passport and in win messenger i've entered the proxy settings but still get the .Net error, so its something to do with my password info not being sent

how do i give the wizard permison then?


  ©®@$ђ 12:07 03 Mar 2003

which firewall are you using, if its the built in firewall of xp, then that is not the problem?

you could try removing your net password, just to rule that out

open user accounts from control panel, and in the top right hand pane click manage network passwords

  mentalmike 12:38 03 Mar 2003

its not the windows one, icq works fine with exactly the same settings its just the part where the password is checked with messenger, i made another account online just to make sure that it wasn't just me using the wrong password but this one doesn't work either

  mentalmike 13:20 03 Mar 2003

ooooooo just found a program in the .net folder in the windows directory that opens the .Net Framework Configuration, should I play around with this or leave alone?

  mentalmike 15:52 03 Mar 2003

right it is defently a .Net sign in issue as if i put the wrong proxy server settings in i don't get the error with .Net not being able to access the net

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