XP needs 2 attempts at start up

  Trikie 23:50 08 Mar 2005

Over the last few days when starting XP Home it goes through the various screens but as the blue "Welcome" one comes up it goes black, the monitor says "no signal" and the start up begins all over again.

This time it stops after a few screens, giving the option to start up in safe mode, last known good configuration or normal. Either of the last 2 works every time.

This happens every time - how can I correct it?

  Rhuddlan 00:13 09 Mar 2005

Take a look at this thread

click here

  Trikie 00:21 09 Mar 2005

Thanks Rhuddlan but I don't think it's the same problem. The second start up works every time - the "no signal" message comes as rthe first start up fails, but it automatically restarts and then stops to give the various options.

  Rhuddlan 00:26 09 Mar 2005

Can you give us some specs about your pc?

  Trikie 22:37 09 Mar 2005

Thanks Rhuddlan. It was built by a local shop, with a 1.67Gh Athlon XP, 512Mb memory, 2x80Gb Hard Disks, , GeForce 4 MX4000 graphics,XP Home with SP1, DV500Plus and Premiere 6.0 and assorted other programmes.

Does this give any clue?

  woodchip 23:35 09 Mar 2005

Try some different memory

  Trikie 23:39 09 Mar 2005

Woodchip - do you mean physically (buy new) or the settings?

  wossie 23:41 09 Mar 2005

try reseating your graphics card (ground yourself to avoid static) update graphics drivers, also try system restore.

  Cannuck 00:11 10 Mar 2005

Had the same problem about a year ago, with XP Home on a pentium 4, 3.0 gh set up.

Tried all of the above and then some.
The tekkies at PC World suggested re-installing XP. This also did not work.

In the end I had to re-format the HD and re-install everything, and have had no problems since.

  Trikie 12:18 10 Mar 2005

Thanks everyone. wossie's suggestion of system restore has done the trick - I should have thought of that. Looks like I got away lightly compared to Cannuck.

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