xp and my scanner.

  whoever 23:00 12 Feb 2003

had to resore hard drive cos of virus,now my agfa snapscan wont work,or it does but pc tells me its not switched on.any advice would be great.

  faichfolds 23:06 12 Feb 2003

It may sound silly but is your scanner definately turned on?
If it is, then have you tried reinstallig the drivers that came with the scanner?
I assume by the title that you run XP. Has this always been the case or is XP a new addition?

  whoever 23:11 12 Feb 2003

ive had scanner running for the last 6mths,got hit by virus,have reinstalled the drivers and even downloaded driver for xp,its all set up,but when i try to open scanner it says switch scanner on.

  Worf100 23:12 12 Feb 2003

Try unplugging scanner & remove it's software, reboot
Reinstall software & then plug in scanner
Assume AGFA is USB, may need to first remove it from within 'Device Manager' is its down as 'unknown device'
Good Luck

  whoever 23:33 12 Feb 2003

i used to run photo express with the scanner,i havent got it now will that make a diference.?

  whoever 13:51 13 Feb 2003

i have followed all the advice,but its still not working,and the scanner is definatly on,only now the computer says it doesnt detect it.what now?

  watchful 13:59 13 Feb 2003

You've probably already done this but from Control Panel/Scanners and Cameras/add imageing hardware - on left hand side - gone through the wizard.?
Also, mine once said it couldn't be found and it was just that the plug wasn't pushed in firmly.

  whoever 14:09 13 Feb 2003

all done,computer does not detect it,when i plug it in it does work it makes a tune,should i be running this with anything else,did have photo express but lost that to,not clever enough to make backup copies.

  whoever 21:20 13 Feb 2003

thanks for the help.xx

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