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  [email protected] 21:05 09 Jan 2005

A friend has this problem but I am unable to solve it, can anyone help please. Their PC has about 4 accounts - call 'em A, B, C and D. To connect to the net they call up a/c [A] as that's the one with the Internet Icon on. OK, connection is established but it is one of the other users using the pc who now logs off [A] and logs on [B]. [B] now wants to check Hotmail which promptly disconnects the PC from the net - it's as though any net activity can only be done when [A] is logged on! Is this right? Ideally, once connected to net each user should be able to use it I would have thought. I am not at all familier with multiple accounts so perhaps someone who is may be able to help. Is it possible to get the Internet Icon onto the log-on page of each user so they can be independent? Any help would be much appreciated.

  VoG II 21:11 09 Jan 2005
  [email protected] 21:39 09 Jan 2005

Brilliant VoG™, thanks a lot.

  [email protected] 09:45 13 Jan 2005

I havent got around to VoG™'s advice yet, that's due on Sunday next. Still with multiple accounts: may seem a goofy question, but...
When I was working on their PC, I noticed the Update icon was flashing in the tray; SP2 is there waiting to be installed. I have advised them it should be done really and they have asked me to do it. The question: On multiple accounts, are the accounts treated differently than a single account EG:If you want to back up My Docs does each user have to do their own? Obviously creating a restore point is relevant to the system as a whole, which is what I would do before installing SP2 but I am a bit cautious about the whole thing as the PC is used for business with a whole host of business email/letters etc. With regard to BackUp - I have never really got around to it fully, always preferring to save-to-disc which suits my own way of working, but when I have explored something which should be easy I suppose, I have baulked at actually doing it for various reasons: you are directed to drive A [not big enough] or D [OK for me most of the time] - thereafter it's unknown territory! Do you just specify C, call the backup Eric or Bernard or whatever and install everything there. Sorry if these are goofy questions but I have the enthusiasm but not the knowledge, experience or computer literacy of the young! Thanks anyone for their indulgence.

  [email protected] 16:45 13 Jan 2005

I have worked my way through a "all users" backup on my own PC - I now have 6Gb of .bkf file in Program Files. I assume restoring them/it is a reversal of the procedure, just point the wizard to the .bkf location! Just a couple of questions now: [1] Any problem with me now just deleting this backup I have just created as I dont need it [2] Would it be worthwhile creating an MS DOS startup disc for their PC before going ahead with the SP2 install and finally [3] Are emails inside this restore file? Thanks

  [email protected] 21:18 16 Jan 2005

To anyone following this thread; smooth as silk ;-)
I defragged, created a restore point, backed-up all users files. Ran the SP2 update, all OK. Did the reg mod suggested by VoG™ and all users now stay connected to the net when switching between users. I have since installed the MS AntiSpyware Beta on both my PC my friends and in both cases it turned up stuff which other anti-spyware failed to do - therefore I have to recommend it. I have received lots of compliments for my work today but I extend all the credit and thanks to those of this forum who gave me the encouragement/information/links and confidence to help someone else. Great forum, great contributors - thank you everyone.

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