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  ton 02:43 03 Jan 2003
  ton 02:43 03 Jan 2003

I have my Pc setup (with Partition Magic)five partitions, all Win98SE. I wish to add XP to one partition. Can I do this and keep four of my partitions as they are? (bootable). Also would it be best to upgrade an existing Win98 partition or a clean install. I'm sure that this has been discussed before on the forum but my search didn't find it. Thanks in advance.

  dez fowler 03:09 03 Jan 2003

first off why do you have five partitions? i can't envisage anyone actually needing that many.

you can easily make one of them an XP partition, just boot from the XP cd (you may need to make your computer boot from your cd drive in your bios first), go through the options selecting the partition (drive letter) you want XP on and selecting what file system you want on the drive etc

It's best to do a clean install, although XP is alot more resiliant to bugs and dodgy software than previous versions of windows if you upgrade it will most likely inherit any quirks your previous version of windows had.

  ton 03:39 03 Jan 2003

Thanks for the info. Why do I have five partitions? I agree, I don't NEED five, but why not? Two of the partitions are fleccs 98Lite, both different, one is a web version and the other a standard version. These are both to play with and experiment with. A third partition is a rough partition that I use for trialing software. The other two are the partitions I use most, one web, and one not.

  wawadave 04:14 03 Jan 2003

xp will run just fine off a logical partion not set to active.ive done same as your trying it will work

  ton 11:25 03 Jan 2003

As I have never used xp - any more tips anyone?

  Hitman codename 47 15:26 03 Jan 2003

You need at least Partition Magic 7 if you are going to use XP.

Also make sure you have all your partitioning done before you install XP as sometimes PM can cause problems if you change the size or amount of drives etc when XP is on a logical drive.

I would save all important files etc and start from scratch. wipe the disk clean.

How i would partition a hard drive, 40 gb example just adjust to suit you needs.
Win 98 can be installed on to 4Gb partition, Win XP at least 6Gb. This is 10 Gb. You then have 30 Gb to play with. put ME on C: but then put XP on E:. I would then create a d: f: and g: drive as well. 10 Gb each. This is simply because the smaller the drive the less fragmentation happens to it and the more efficient it will be.

So read on

Have one drive each for Win 98 programs and Win XP progs and a common one for data.

So drive c: (4gB) just has the 98 o/s., all programs for it could be on the d: (10gb)

Then XP can be on the e: (6Gb) with all its programs on f: (10Gb).

Then g: (10gb) can be used for both o/s. Word files etc.

Because you are mixing o/s all drives must be Fat32 otherwise you won't see the win XP drives when running 98.

That is how my system would be set up. Literally just have the installed system on its own drive.

To use fdisk as you don't yet have PM7.

An example for a 40 Gb drive

Wipe all your drives logical and primary and start from scratch.

load fdisk from the A: prompt

say yes to enable large disk support. this = fat32.

select create a new partition from the main menu.

Let it scan your drive. WHen it asks if you want to use the whole capacity for your drive say "no".!

Say you want it to be 4GB. let it build it.

go back to main menu by pressing "escape".

Create an extended partition the other 36Gb. Let it be the rest of the drive. It will scan it. then ask you to create logical drives in the extended partition. Say "no" to using the whole of the extended partition for one drive. type 10 GB. It will build it then ask you how much you want for your next drive type 6Gb. then 10gb and lastly 10gb.

you will then have 1 primary partition = 4 Gb and four, other partitions in your extended partition. (10, 6, 10, 10)Before exiting make the c: partition active (choice 2 i think)


then use start up disk to format them all:

at a: prompt type

format c: /u

install your o/s

then install 98 onto C: then install XP while having ME running. This is a must!!!!!!

Then use the o/s' to format the rest later. As long as you do it like that you will have no troubles.

Just change the values to ones you want.

Then to change the default boot o/s go into boot.ini through XP

Hope it helps.

Just incase you wanted to do a dual boot, this is how i have mine set up. Runs sweet.

One last thing, more partitions the better, makes the pc more efficient so it becomes faster. I have an 80gb seagate drive. 9 partitions. works out 8 large partitions and 1 2gb partition for the win ME swap file. (which is fat16).

good luck.

one thing use the PM boot disks to do the hard drive off the a: using msdos etc before installing the o/s. Could be a way around having to upgrade the pm program.

  ton 21:58 03 Jan 2003

Thanks for the very useful info. I've got Partition Magic 8 so I hope to get started soon.

  ton 02:29 04 Jan 2003

Thanks for the help

  wawadave 02:53 04 Jan 2003

and your wellcome :)

  Hitman codename 47 10:53 04 Jan 2003


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