XP and ME on two hard disks

  Rhuddlan 17:35 26 Apr 2003

I want to keep XP on HDD C and put ME on my new HDD D, but when I try to install ME a message appears saying that I need to uninstall my current opearating system and then install ME, but if I install ME first, won't I lose all of my documents, updates etc can't I just install ME on top of XP, help needed!!!

  zanwalk 17:42 26 Apr 2003

The easiest method to do this would be to unplug the XP drive and connect the new one as master, you will need to fdisk and format the disc before installing ME. Afterwards, set the jumper to slave and reconnect the XP drive. You may have add ME to the start up menu manually.

  Rhuddlan 17:45 26 Apr 2003

I have already installed the new hard drive and set HDD D as the slave, is there another option, thanks for the help.

  zanwalk 17:48 26 Apr 2003

XP will not let you install an older OS such as ME, so short of formatting and starting again, I don't know of any other way.

  MyGosh 17:53 26 Apr 2003

Where is the link

  goonerbill 10:02 27 Apr 2003

do a search on this subject in the help forum. someone posted a complete guide on how to do this a few months ago. will see if i can find it for you

  goonerbill 10:18 27 Apr 2003

heres the link i told you about click here hope it solves ya problem and would recommend ya print it off

  zanwalk 10:32 27 Apr 2003

Thanks for reminding me of that link - I had forgotten that thread.

  flecc 13:54 27 Apr 2003

As Rayburn says, you must unplug the first drive and then install ME onto the second. It's not usually necessary to re-jumper the slave drive, in the absence of the master, most computers will happily accept the remaining drive as the master for the ME installation.

Afterwards, reconnect the XP drive and you'll boot into that again. You'll then need to add the ME to the Boot.ini file so that you get the choice on bootup, or alternatively use a separate boot manager such as Boot Magic which comes with Partition Magic.

  Rhuddlan 14:11 27 Apr 2003

Thanks everyone for the help and the link, I will let everyone know how I got on.

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