XP looking like 98

  huzzar 16:14 07 Sep 2004

Is it possible to install WinXP Home on a 98SE machine and still have the desktop looking like Win98?

  xania 16:20 07 Sep 2004

Do you mean as a dual boot system - if so then when you boot into SE it will look like SE and when you boot into XP it will look like XP. I don't know of any way to run an XP system so that it looks like SE, but I'm still basically an SE man - others may know.

  johnsims 16:27 07 Sep 2004

If you mean the desktop only, the answer is yes, you could even import the Windows 98 Logo screen if you wanted. If you mean also the Start Menu etc, again the answer is pretty well yes as XP has a "Windows Classic View" as one of its options for the start menu.

You will find however that XP will be a bit slow unless you have at least a 1Ghz processor and 512 Mb RAM. Having said that I do have it running (as dual boot) on a 466 Celeron laptop with only 128 Mb RAM - but it is damnably slow to start. Not too bad once it has booted, but not great!

  huzzar 16:29 07 Sep 2004

What I mean is - my grandson (13 years old - who lives 3 hours from me) installed XP Home edn on his 98SE computer yesterday and when he started it up today he told me that it had gone and it looked like 98 did. I don't know what is or has happened but I believe XP can be madelook and act something like an earlier version of Windows and wondered if this is what had happened. I will try to get more info from him.

  huzzar 16:32 07 Sep 2004

johnsims - that's what I have heard, many thanks, I will have a better idea when I speak to him about it. Thanks agian for a quick response.

  johnsims 16:36 07 Sep 2004

It should be pretty obvious to him as it boots up. 98 has a big Windows 98 logo splash screen and XP has one of it's own. Ask him to reboot and watch what appears on the screen jsut before it all goes black and the desktop comes up.

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