XP logging off on bootup, After using Adaware

  Mr Computer 23:21 08 Feb 2005

How can I gain access to my hard drive, it appears that adaware has taken out a required system file(s).Or could it be a virus/worm etc. Now when I go from start screen to desk top in XP home it says logging off and shuts down. I do not want to format or do anything that may loose my files or programs,I'd be gratful for any suggestions, that could help. Thanks.

  Hairy Yeti 23:25 08 Feb 2005

Press F8 when booting and select "save mode". See if you can boot this way.

  stalion 23:28 08 Feb 2005

if you can get in to safe mode try system restore,or last known good configuration

  Mr Computer 23:34 08 Feb 2005

Thanks Stalion/Hairy Yeti,
I can get into safe mode but when I try to log on the computer still shuts down as desktop appears

  stalion 23:41 08 Feb 2005

have you got a xp cd looks like you will have to do a repair

  Mr Computer 01:16 10 Feb 2005

Yes have cd (xp)but unable to access drive from XP
I think this problem is a known issue with ad-aware & XP. Lavasoft have offered no help, although Ive heard there might? be a patch to recover the Hard Drive

  AndySD 01:29 10 Feb 2005

Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt and at the prompt type in


press enter and follow the prompts.

  Mr Computer 23:53 10 Feb 2005

Thanks AndySD for your suggestion but although I can get into safe mode the computer immediately logs off not allowing any access to any other method of rescue ie:- restore etc

  AndySD 00:00 11 Feb 2005

Safe mode and Safe Mode with Command Prompt ??? oh well.

A repair installation it is then click here you wont loose anything but you will need to reinstall all your windows updates.

  Mr Computer 19:31 14 Feb 2005

Thanks all for your help, I have reinstalled XP over old Version

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