XP Log On Prob. Black Screen & White Arrow

  Dumfy 20:06 22 Feb 2009

Hi all

This problem is intermittent, but happens most times.

Windows XP Home boots and before it gets to the log-on screen it just hangs with a black screen and white arrow pointer. No Log On screen appears. Arrow moves with mouse, but can't get log on selection to appear.

Anyone had this before and have a fix?

Many thanks


  Dumfy 23:19 22 Feb 2009

Hello again

Hope it is OK to bump this back to the top.

I've searched the forum for similar problems, but had no luck. I promised/hoped to get the PC back to my friend asap as he needs it for work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


  birdface 23:39 22 Feb 2009

Maybe check the air vents are not clogged up with dust and fluff.if so inside will also need cleaning.While in there make sure all the fans are working Ok.

  Demora 09:32 23 Feb 2009

Have you uninstalled/installed anything ?

Try booting into safe mode and have a look in startup programmes.

or go to 'Run' and type msconfig. Have a look at start ups.

Maybe virus software is kicking in/

My pc will do this sort of thing if my external Hard drives turned off.

Windows maybe looking for something thats at your friends house. and not plugged into the pc at the moment.

Just some pointers.


  T0SH 14:19 23 Feb 2009

Try Start Run type chkdsk /r in the box then Y when prompted to run on reboot then a restart

this will check and repair the file system for errors then scan the disk surface for bad sectors this often fixes problems like you are having

Cheers HC

  Dumfy 19:46 23 Feb 2009

Thanks for the inputs guys, but the more I look at this, the more I think it's a virus - he's been using Limewire which I believe is reknowned for this.

This is what I've done to no avail..

Disabled Fast User Switching and used the Classic Log on screen

Used XP Disc Recovery Console to repair windows installation

Used the Recovery Console to chkdsk /r

These latter two got me in to the account, but as soon as you reboot, just left with black screen and white pointer.

The McAffee pacakge won't run when I try to scan system and also have tried installing Spybot Search And Destroy. It installs, but can't get it to run.

I'm on the verge of removing the HDD and copying his data over to my PC to save his docs/photos etc and then doing a fresh install.

Question is, if I do this, am I likely to get the virus on my own system (which is highly protected though)

Any other ideas, Guys??



  MAT ALAN 19:51 23 Feb 2009

Sometimes there are no solutions to these problems other than a FORMAT and reinstall of O/S, then give ya mate a bit of a slap about using "LIMEWIRE".

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