XP and Linux dual boot query

  The Sheep 10:39 13 Oct 2005

Hello all. I'm currently waiting for my new PC to be delieverd with a 200G hard-drive (XP home). For while now i've been considering having a mess around with Linux and as such have been reading up on dual boot setups.

My query is quite simple. For a 200G hard-drive, what size of a partition would you reccomend for Linux, bearing in mind i wont be doing much with it initially? My thoughts had been 10G. Does this seem reasonable?

Cheers people :)

  mgmcc 14:26 13 Oct 2005

In the absence of any other replies, I would suggest that 10GB is adequate for a Linux installation to play about with. Ideally, you want to have an amount of "unallocated space" on the hard drive for Linux to install into - it actually requires two partitions and it is better to let it create these itself. I originally tried creating the Linux partitions in advance with Partition Magic and that just made a mess. Alternatively, the Linux installation may be able to resize an existing partition to create the space it needs - make sure your drive is "defragged" before allowing it to be resized.

  woodchip 14:30 13 Oct 2005

Your best bet would be to fit another if smaller drive. As the one you get will be partitioned to use all the drive, and if you mess the partitions up you may not be able to use the Recovery disc's if you need to

  woodchip 14:32 13 Oct 2005

You could also Image all the partitions so you could restore in a Error event. Do them as soon as you get the comp

  igk 15:56 13 Oct 2005

mgmcc is spot on here,but make sure that you do not invalidate your guarantee with the pc supplier/maker as they do not need much to wriggle out of it...

  The Sheep 10:53 17 Oct 2005

thanks a lot guys.

mgmcc...........do you mean simply go about installing the Linix software and it will create a partition for itself. If so, how large is the partition it eill create and how do i then have control over which O/S initially boots/

thanks people.

  Chegs ® 11:05 17 Oct 2005

Create a 10Gb partition(Unformatted)and then point the linux install to it,linux will then format/partition this 10Gb for itself.You have several choices once the install is done,either put the linux bootloader(Grub/Lilo)on floppy or root of HD(I usually use Grub on the HD)Once installed,Grub usually allocates the OS choices with linux as 1st choice.To alter this around,you boot into linux and swap the choices over to make Win the "Default" boot choice.(I cannot recall exactly where in linux the choices are cfg'ed,"of the top of my head")

  The Sheep 11:33 17 Oct 2005

Cheer Chegs.

I've never actually seen a dual boot susyem in operation. Can you suggest any website where i can maybe see the option for bootmanagers and some screenshots of it?

Thanks by the way :)

  Chegs ® 11:38 17 Oct 2005

Its hardwork locating anything linux flavoured,as the word "linux" pulls in millions of results in search engines.If I still had a dual-boot running,I would have simply done a few screengrabs and posted them on my website for you. :-)

You could try "grub/lilo" and "setup" and "dual-boot win" etc,but alot depends on what distro your going to try.(distro being distribution,or "flavour")

  The Sheep 11:42 17 Oct 2005

Reckon i'm gonna go with Red Hat to be honest. What i have discovered though is that Knoppix runs straight from CD without any installation and i'm wondering if this might be a better option intiailly. Do you have experience of this distro?

Also, how does this actually work?


  Chegs ® 11:58 17 Oct 2005

"Live" CD's are a very good idea to getting a feel of linux,Knoppix is a fairly newish distro,so has most of the needed drivers for modern hardware.I have Knoppix/RedHat 9/8.1/7,etc,Mandrake(Now Mandriva,which I also have)Suse 9.1,and several others,"live" CD's and full distro's.Its important that you can access the net whilst using linux,else your going to be floundering around without a clue as to what it can do,or what the various functions are,etc.I tried RH on my previous system,I was using a USB ISDN modem,and try as I might,I couldn't get it online.I then changed to ADSL(PCI modem)and was STILL unable to get online with it.I eventually bought a Router/Modem combo,couple of ticks in a box and the linux was straight off surfing,allowing me to search via Goggle for ways and means to use the OS.

I have a txt/Word readme on my site,with...

THE ESSENTIAL LINUX COMMAND-LINE...An introduction to the Linux console, oriented towards the novice-user
with no prior experience using a command-line environment.By N Deepak

Its an easy to use guide to using linux,especially for a beginner.

click here (txt)

click here (MS Word)

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