XP licence key question

  rômanab 12:57 26 Mar 2006

I am about to re-install win XP for a friend on a Time PC but after checking the licence key with Belarc and winkeyfinder I find that the key shown is different to the one on his XP sticker on the back of his box?? Which one should I use?

It IS legit.

  Methedrine 13:16 26 Mar 2006

If one doesn't work, try the other.

  rômanab 13:23 26 Mar 2006

Well I was more concerned about activation, if I choose wrong will it activate.

  AaNnDdYy 13:26 26 Mar 2006

should be ok

  rômanab 13:35 26 Mar 2006

I'll give it a go then.


  bjh 16:09 26 Mar 2006

Companies like Time normally install hard drives in a batch, and they use their own legal Windows key; Windows is pre-activated. They attach a sticker to the case that is the unique key for that issue of Windows. So, when you do a reinstall, you should use the key that is on the label. I'd recommend always keeping a record of the installed code for posterity... it may help in any explanation to a Microsoft telephone operator should manual activation be the way forward - it's a good indication of the original source of the machine

  woodchip 16:15 26 Mar 2006

They two key's are as a result of the above one key for restore disc and one for OEM disc. That's what it is with mine as I have both

  rômanab 17:48 26 Mar 2006

All done :o)

Well, all except activation but he can do that.

I used the key off his sticker in the end as that seemed the logical option, I did also make a note of the other just in case.

Thanks again everyone.

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