XP on Laptop wont boot

  Quilljar 23:43 20 Oct 2006

I have just de-virused and de-spywared a laptop for a friend which was completely riddled. I now think it is clean. However, on boot-up after 13 passes of the little blue squares it hangs and will go no further. It will boot up in safe mode, but five or six tries and still no result in normal. It sticks at that 13th pass.
Any suggestions will be appreciated as usual

  woodchip 23:50 20 Oct 2006

Only thing you can do with it is, Use a XP CD and do a Repair

  Quilljar 23:57 20 Oct 2006

Will any XP CD work? This guy doesn't have his, but I have an old one...

  Strawballs 00:11 21 Oct 2006

While in safe mode if you go into programs > accseories > system tools does it have system restore that you can do a non destructive restore that will not overwrite all of your files.

  Quilljar 00:29 21 Oct 2006

Yes, I have already had to do a large system retore when cleaning up. Still it is worth having another go-thanks.

  terryf 00:59 21 Oct 2006

system file checker does not rely on the specific win disk because it is possible to copy the 386 folder to the 2nd HD if you have one and when you run sfc /scannow you tell it to look for the files in that 386 folder, so put your win disk in the cd/dvd player, go to start run and type sfc /scannow
It takes quite a time to run and may appear to do nothing and just terminates when it has finished

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:14 21 Oct 2006

13 passes of the little blue squares it hangs
will boot up in safe mode

Its a driver problem.

In safe mode update or reinstall thr drivers especially graphics and sound.

  Quilljar 13:41 21 Oct 2006

Thanks guys. I have recovered the Win XP boot-up and got rid of 85 virueses, 148 registry probs and uncountable spywares.

Now I am getting a blue screen saying that we are running out of physical memory, each time I try to connect dial up to the internet. Has anyone any suggestions as to how I increase the physical memory? It was OK before.

  woodchip 15:27 21 Oct 2006

If the OS is XP Home and your disc is XP Home yes Repair will work

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