xp laptop will not boot

  loonogs 16:35 30 Sep 2010

have an old dell laptop running xp pro fine.

left a music cd in the drive and next day when i tried to start it up it will not, only the cursor flashing in the top left corner, will not allow me to type anything

used the xp cd to repair fault but no joy.

used ubuntu 9.10 cd to boot up the pc, without installing ubuntu.
can see the xp file system and all the files, pics and videos will open.

i don't want to install ubuntu on the machine but would like to get the thing to work again.
in the process of backing up all files.

any suggestions ?

  Nontek 16:36 30 Sep 2010

Try a System Restore back to before the problem arose.

  Nontek 16:37 30 Sep 2010

You may need to do the Restore in Safe Mode.

  loonogs 17:37 30 Sep 2010

it will not boot up, just goes through the post and sits there.

can i do a restore without getting into windows ?

  Nontek 17:55 30 Sep 2010

Have you tried tapping F8 during start-up to get into Safe Mode?

If you can get into Safe Mode you will be able to try the System Restore.

  woodchip 18:29 30 Sep 2010

Try removing the hard drive then refit it. There are no CD's in the drive!!!!!

  woodchip 18:32 30 Sep 2010

PS you could also try again running repair using the XP cd. How did you Repair it when you used the CD? did you run Setup let it find the OS then click on what it finds then Press R for repair

  loonogs 19:12 30 Sep 2010

Nontek f8 does not work, it simply goes back into post again and on the second occasion sits there with the cursor flashing on the screen.

woodchip, i tried to do the repair using the xp cd, while it was in setup it detected the partition that xp was on and i selected repair, but no joy.

the linux cd when i do a live boot can see the windows system and i can access the files.

booting is the problem.

  woodchip 20:37 30 Sep 2010

As I said have you tried running Repair again? Windows is windows Prone to not working as it should, when it did tried a Repair it may have had problems first time round. So Try it again

  loonogs 20:50 30 Sep 2010

Woodchip, thanks i will , i will back up all files first using ubuntu to access the files. it will take some time due to the amount of data there.

will let you know how i get on.

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