XP laptop & 2000 desktop internet sharing

  concretepigsy 18:01 28 May 2005

I have a wireless network, but the desktop only connects to the internet when the laptop is on.
can i configure the connection so the desktop uses the connection when the laptop isnt there?



  Taff36 18:05 28 May 2005

You need to describe how the connection works. The laptop has a WiFi card I presume but how does it currently connect to the internet? (Wireless Router/Modem or direct cable connection to the router)

  concretepigsy 18:07 28 May 2005


I have a belkin router that sits in the lounge,

a wireless built in card in the laptop and a pci wireless card in the desktop.

The network is there, but the internet doesnt work

  Taff36 18:49 28 May 2005

If it`s a Belkin wireless router in the lounge I can`t see the problem. You need to configure the desktop to see the wireless "Access Point" which is the Belkin. Go into the wireless PCI card interface and scan for a wireless network - can it see the router?

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