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  Major Disaster 18:44 02 Jul 2006

Hello Guys,

Im new to Linux so bear with me please.

First of all some background.
I have a Dell Dimension 9150 with 2x250GB Harddrives in RAID 1 Mirror. I partitioned them as follows..

* 1st Partition FAT 16 (62 MB) Dell Utility Partition.
* 2nd Partition 50GB NTFS C Drive (Windows XP Media Centre Edition + Programmes)
* 3rd Partition 50GB NTFS F Drive (Documents)
* 4th Partition 100GB Acronis Secure Zone (Document backups - image of F drive) - Hidden from OS.
* 5th Partition 30GB G Drive (Empty partition).
* 6th Partition 4.6GB FAT 32 Drive (DSR - The image file and things).

I did the partitoning using Acronis Disk Director and backup my images of F drive using Acronis True Image. Acronis Disk Director includes a programme called Acronis OS Selector (a bootloader maybe? That allows you to have multiple OSes and choose what to boot). At boot time i have the option to access (via ESC) OS Selector and from there Disk Director and True Image.

In the 30GB free space i decided to install Kubuntu 6.06.

I did so and when it said "installation finised blah blah blah need to reboot..." i did so.

When i reeboted problems began.

It went through the boot process and came to the press ESC to acess Acronis, then a GRUB message loaded saying something like "GRUB Loading Stage 1.5". It just hung there. I rebooted and tried again but same problem. I used my handy Windows Boot Floppy to get back to windows and saw that everything seemed to install OK (i could see the created partition in Disk Director).

But still when i reebot i cant get into Kubuntu.

I have tried disabling OS Selector (in which case it boots staight to XP).
I have tried accessing OS Selector from boot, then telling it to boot Linux but then it just freezes on a black screen with GRUB on it.

Im sure the problem is something to do with all these options at boot but im not sure what to do.

Basically what i want is to just have Acronis OS Selector load at boot (as it does) where i can choose from there to boot XP or Kubuntu.

One last thing i have noticed, each time (i think at least) it goes to the black screen with just GRUB on it, another Linux entry is added to the OS selector screen.

See screenshot click here

Also after this i plan on reinstalling XP will this make any difference or affect any solutions that we find to my original problem?

Sorry for the huge long boring post, but i would really appreciate it if some one could help please.


  mgmcc 21:34 02 Jul 2006

I suspect the problem may be your use of the Acronis OS Selector. The Grub boot manager should have been sufficient to let you choose which OS to load.

When I had a triple boot with 98SE, XP and SuSE Linux, Grub gave me the option to boot Linux or Windows. If I selected Windows, I then got XP's usual menu from which to select 98SE or XP. Linux seems to prefer to set everything up for itself.

  Major Disaster 22:05 02 Jul 2006

Thanks for the reply, so what do you suggest i do?

  woodchip 22:10 02 Jul 2006

When you install Linux, You only need free space. NO PARTITION for it. Linux will sort the free space to load to

  Major Disaster 22:12 02 Jul 2006

I know, im sorry if i made it confusing before, but by a free partiton i meant simply free space.

I installed Kubuntu into this space and it partitioned it itself.

Thanks for the input though

  woodchip 22:21 02 Jul 2006

Why do you not Try a Live Linux CD first to see what it's like before you mess your computer up?

click here

  LastChip 22:27 02 Jul 2006

I should say, I've not had any luck with any form of Ubuntu, despite its popularity. For a first Linux experience, Xandros take a lot of beating. with SuSE or Mandriva close runners up.

That said, you should make sure your Linux boot manager (be it Grub or Lilo) is placed on the first sector of the partition you are using to install the operating system. Unlike Windows, it does not have to be an "active" partition.

This is normally done during the manual configuration phase of the installation and you will need to use the "Custom Install" option to access this feature. This is the point at which you can adjust the configuration, prior to activating the actual install process. When the reboot initiates, this is the time to access your "normal" boot manager and let it find your new operating system. You should then be able to boot from your boot managers menu.

Effectively, you are using two boot managers. The first to select the operating system you want to use and the second, to active the Linux system.

  Major Disaster 22:58 02 Jul 2006

woodchip - i have allready installed it to my hardrive.... to late for live CDs

LastChip - Thanks for the response. I understand what you are saying and would ask you how you think i should progress from here? Might i just as well delete the linux partiton and try again?

Thanks guys

  woodchip 23:00 02 Jul 2006

That's what I would do

  Major Disaster 23:01 02 Jul 2006

Do what? Reinstall linux or use the Live CD? If its the former im starting to agree if its the latter then your a bit to late!

  woodchip 23:04 02 Jul 2006

Delete the Partition with Acronis. Then try the Live CD to see what you think

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