XP key expired - recoverable ?

  pipfan 10:49 26 Jan 2011

I have a second hand computer that has the Windows XP cert on the side. From what I can gather, the OS has been reset but the timeframe to activate XP has expired so when I turn the PC on, nothing much happens !

Is there any way I can the PC up and running using a different key, would I need an XP recovery disk and start from scratch etc. Basically need to know whether I can do something with it or whether it's a trip to the tip !


  woodchip 10:54 26 Jan 2011

If you do not have the key for the OS loaded on the PC or a MS Book, it means you will have to buy a new CD and Key click here £72.22

  woodchip 10:54 26 Jan 2011

If you do not have the key for the OS loaded on the PC or a MS Book, it means you will have to buy a new CD and Key click here £72.22

  pipfan 10:57 26 Jan 2011

Thanks woodchip. I actually have a spare key from an old PC that was never used - would I be able to buy a CD (presumable cheaper ?) and use my old key, or are they 'linked' ?

  gengiscant 10:58 26 Jan 2011

Just reinstall XP if you have the COA number on the case.

  woodchip 11:01 26 Jan 2011

Don't think it will work, key will be stuck to old pc

PS you have nothing to loose by trying it, just start PC with CD in choose setup click on what it finds then press R if you can borrow a CD that is the same as the one loaded. But do not think it will go

  birdface 11:24 26 Jan 2011

Have you tried starting in safe mode to see if that works.
From microsoft.

click here

If using the coa sticker on the side of the computer you must use the version that is on it XP Home if it is that so if you try to put XP Pro on to the computer it will be classed as a pirate version.

  lotvic 12:03 26 Jan 2011

What is displayed on the screen?

It should just be asking you activate

"After the 30 days has expired, you must activate Windows to continue using Windows"

Try in Safe Mode click here

Tell us what is displayed on the screen.

  GaT7 12:06 26 Jan 2011

If the Product key on the COA (which is stuck on the side of the PC) was the same as that used with its present hardware, then there should be no problem in reinstalling & activating it. And will be legal for all intents & purposes.

But as the guys say, it will need to be the same type: Home for Home & Pro for Pro & so on. Also, it's most likely an OEM licence, so you will also need to borrow the same type of disc, i.e. an OEM disc (not a Retail one). G

  pipfan 12:47 26 Jan 2011

Thanks all

When I switch the PC on it doesn't ask for the activation key - it displays a message box stating that "you must register windows with Microsoft before you can use it" and asking whether I want to activate now or later.

Clicking 'later' takes me to the XP login screen, where the only option to select is 'Admin'. Clicking on that brings the register windows message box again and it simply loops back.

Clicking 'Activate' brings up a white box headed 'activation' but no text appears in the box - it is completely blank. Clicking in the box brings up the 'Not Responding' message at the top of the box and nothing further happens.

I'm assuming that is the box that I need to enter activation keys etc but as it does not bring up any text or prompts I can't proceed any further.

Hope that helps makes things a bit clearer.

  GaT7 13:02 26 Jan 2011

Right, I'm with you. See if this might cure it...

Blank Activate Windows page in the Windows Product Activation Wizard click here. G

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