XP instead of VISTA

  fabrica 20:09 20 Mar 2008

I am considering replacing my nightmare Vista OS as my Canon Pixma IP4000 Printer and Visioneer 8700 Scanner don't work on my new DELL PC. My Email won't configure and I hate to think what Photoshop Elements would be like. I am thinking of going back to the XP OS I understand the XP Oem will remove Vista and give me back my beloved XP. Am I being Hasty I welcome any help and advice.

Regards Fabrica

  GaT7 20:13 20 Mar 2008

"I understand the XP Oem will remove Vista and give me back my beloved XP."

Can you tell us what 'XP OEM' you have please? Is it new or installed on any other computer?

I don't blame you for wanting to change - wouldn't use it even if everything worked! G

  woodchip 20:17 20 Mar 2008

XP will not replace Vista You have to total clear the drive, that means removing the Partition and Recreating a new one or let XP CD create the new one. But do not forget that you need all XP drivers for that Computer's hardware. Including SATA drivers that are vital to you being able to reinstalling XP Sata Drivers have to be loaded before XP can see the disc if it's sata

  woodchip 20:20 20 Mar 2008

A Easy way would be to get a new internal drive, remove the vista drive and install XP to the new drive. You still need all the above XP drivers. But you could then refite the Vista drive and install a Dual boot program so you could run either when you want

  drzee 20:28 20 Mar 2008

maybe this will help
click here

  Totally-braindead 21:48 20 Mar 2008

Before even attempting this make sure there are XP drivers for your motherboard.

  fabrica 22:17 20 Mar 2008

Hi Crossbow7
I saw the XP Oem OS at click here and their claim "This product is ideal to either wipe Vista off a new machine and go back to Windows XP, or to wipe off any older or illegal installations for a full install onto an empty hard drive.
Windows XP Home. Full Install. Service Pack 2 included on the CD."
I am fairly able, but I am no expertwith the high tec. stuff

Regards Fabrica

  mrwoowoo 22:39 20 Mar 2008

Found a vista driver for your printer if that's the reason it doesn't work.

click here
Visioneer drivers will be out around may according to one forum.

  ventanas 22:54 20 Mar 2008

No problem at all with my Pixma IP4000 on a Dell Vista PC. You just need the driver update. It also works on the network from my other two Vista laptops. Also Elements and Email are completely trouble free.

Also remember that you have a Dell. Check their website carefully for XP drivers before you do anything, they may not exist, as Totally-braindead has indicated. You will have to buy retail XP anyway. OEM is not legal and may fail validation. The only safe way is to stick with Vista, despite what some backward thinkers on here may say. Get a good book on it and make yourself familiar with how it works. It is simply miles ahead of XP in all departments.

  281apple 06:55 21 Mar 2008

I am on the verge of buying a new laptop and I know everything is now with VISTA. Notwithstanding somme good comments made, I have not yet seen what Fabrica has decided to do? Buy a new laptop and have to change the OEM seems (as says my neighbor's 14 year old son) is like buying a new car than immediately changing the motor because an older one is better. This is what I think I will do: I will buy a new laptop with Visita and if I have problems with my printer or video or something, I'll try to find the solution rather than changing VISTA to XP.
Please everyone, tell me that I have a decent chance of not being too mistaken.

  ventanas 07:00 21 Mar 2008

Absolutely correct. Go for it

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