XP installations says "Disk Full"

  musicmike 08:51 12 Apr 2003

I have a 15GB disk partitioned equally into C: and D:. I have W98se on C: and wanted to install XP on to D: so that I could gradually migrate to XP. I backed up all my data from D: and formatted it (incidently after the format there was still an empty folder on it?????)Anyway when I tried to install XP I was told that the disk was full. I can only assume that it was trying to install on C: but I was given no choice for destination. Any ideas?


  fitcher 12:59 12 Apr 2003

boot up with floppy containing fdisk and format with
a 98 //make sure when you fdisk that the partitions sizes are correct no 4 in fdisk .

  -pops- 13:14 12 Apr 2003

XP decides where it is going to go on your hard drive and that is on drive C. You do not and cannot have a say in this unless you do some complex jiggling about and even then, I'm unsure whether it is possible. If there isn't enough room on drive C because of another operating system there, it will tell you so - which it has done.

The thing to do is remove W98 or install XP on top of W98 as an upgrade or remove the partition to give more room to let XP in.

My suggestion would be to fdisk and format the whole drive thus ensuring the whole of the space is available and then work from there. There shouldn't be any problem as you say all important stuff is backed up.


  muppetmark 13:58 12 Apr 2003

choose the advanced option to install this then allows you a choice of drive to install to HTH

  Brian-336451 14:10 12 Apr 2003

I dual booted into Win98/XP for a while because I was sceptical about XP's claims of stability etc.

Quite soon I realised that they were, in fact, true so did the business and binned Win 98.

So, if your data is backed up, go for it. One small point is that one or two games I used to like cannot work with XP - in my experience Compatibility Mode does not work well, and has failed me all ways round, I can't believe that I have 'done' it wrong.

That accepted, the rest works VERY well.

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