XP installation not going well...

  Simsy 21:09 30 Oct 2005

Hi folks...

I finally committed to getting XP. I've bought it, (not upgrade), and a new HDD.

I've Win98se on existing HDD, and I want ot keep that and multiboot...

Installed the HDD, no problems. It was detected ok by bios. From 98se I ran Partition Magic and created/formated a NTFS partition on the new HDD.

Inserted CD and restarted, to boot from CD and eventually got an error message;

"Setup cannot format the partition.

Your computer may not have enough memory to perform this operation, or your WindowsXP CD-ROM may contain some corrupted files.

Setup cannot continue"

Cleaning CD had no effect. (I have Athlon 1.1Gig CPU with 384Mg RAM)

Next stage was to copy CD contents to a folder on original HDD. Then I booted from a floppy and tried to run setup from this folder... no joy. A message told me that this setup prog cannot be run from DOS...

Next attempt was to boot into Win98se, navigate to the XPfolder on the drive, and run setup from within windows98...

Hooray... this seemed to work and I eventually had a working installation of WinXP home. I booted into it a few times, succesfully.

Then I tried to get clever... I had Bootmagic already installed on the 98 installation, (I have 3 different '98 installations, on 3 boot partions on the original HDD). The WinXP installation process had un-enabled Bootmagic, and was presenting me with a "DOS like" choice at bootup. I booted into the original win98 again and re-enabled Bootmagic...

Now when I choose Win98 from the XP boot choice it give me the boot magic choice, so I can boot into any of the 3 win 98 installations... all hunky-dory at the moment...

then I tried to add XP to the Bootmagic choice. That didn't seem to work... it just hung. Now I can't get into WinXP... at all. I get the XP boot choice, but when I choose XP it starts and I get a light blue screen with the message;

"AutoChk prog not found. Skipping Autocheck"

Then the PC reboots.... unless I choose 98 it does this repeatedly. I've booted into 98 and removed XP from the Bootmagic options, and then disabled bootmagic. To no avail.

I'd welcome any suggestions. Fortunately the only software I've installed is the graphics card driver, which works well, so it's not the end of the world if I have to start from scratch and re-install... but obviously I'd rather not.

Any comments, help, observations welcome.

(I will be getting rid of all the 98 installations when XP is up to speed with all my software... but it will take a while. I'm certain they aren't the cause of the problem as it was working for a while.)

Thanks for reading this, and for any forthcoming help!!



  VoG II 21:27 30 Oct 2005

AutoChk not found click here.*&btnG=Google+Search

  Simsy 21:27 30 Oct 2005

I was a very silly billy...

Somehow, presumeably in the messing about with BoootMagic stage, I had managed to actually "Hide" the NTFS partition with XP on.

I ran Partition Magic, from 98, unhid the partition, and all is now well.

My apologies to any of you that read all of the above!!



  VoG II 21:28 30 Oct 2005

I'll try again click here

  VoG II 21:28 30 Oct 2005


  Simsy 21:29 30 Oct 2005

I had googled, and only found one entry in English... that was unresolved and only forthcomming suggestions were that the HDD was perhaps failing!

Anyway... all well now! Phew!



  walley 17:24 03 Nov 2005

Can someone help resolve a frustrating problem. I have Windows XP (SP2) 512 mb RAM on an Athlon 26oo motherboard. Once Boot Magic has been installed I am unable to access it from Windows Desktop.Boot Magic is on a Fat primary partition and currently is hidden. However, unhiding it (producing a mounted letter for the drive) makes no difference and most of Boot Magic is not available. How do I fully intall and access Boot Magic? I have followed the manual instructions for the installatin to the letter. At boot up I have three choices to boot i MSDOS and two Windows XP, one being the currently active drive and the other is the recovery drive.

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