XP installation errors

  sjbromley75 23:53 25 Feb 2007

I have tried to reload XP and get this message. Fatal Error: The critical informatio file(sysetup.inf layout) is corrupt or missing.
I have replaced the hard drive and motherboard and it is neither of them. I get this message when I get to the blue installing windows page. Can anyone help as I am stressed as I really wanna fix the problem. Have been using original copy of XP and not sure how to resolve it. PLEASE HELP DAMSEL in destress

  bennyhillslovechild 23:59 25 Feb 2007

According to Microsoft and others it could be a RAM problem - click here

Try replacing your ram chips, if you have others you can swap with.

  I am Spartacus 00:00 26 Feb 2007

It could also be a dirty CD, try cleaning it.

  bennyhillslovechild 00:03 26 Feb 2007

There is that Spartacus. I always forget to check the simple stuff first. I actually once spent the best part of an hour removing and cleaning my graphics card, swapping it with another, changing psu - nothing, no display, zip....How silly I felt when I realised that for once, for some strange reason, i'd turned off my monitor as opposed to just letting it go into standby. :(

you say that you have replaced the hard drive and motherboard did you get the error before you replaced the hard drive and motherboard? if you have the old hard drive try booting from that with the new motherboard to narrow down the options.

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