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  User-3260B6E0-D40E-464F-B62478D4E17479D3 23:22 03 Jan 2004

I have posted a previous request for assistance on this forum but I am getting right hacked off because my sound card refuses to install and I never had any problems with it up until about two days ago.

I have deleted all files from my slave drive. It is 80GB. What I want to do is take out the master drive and add the jumper to make the slave into the master. I then want to, and have tried to, install XP Home (full) onto the 'empty' drive. I have tried it before and I keep getting a dos type screen. I am sure I got a windows type screen when I installed it before onto a new hard disk and I got a windows type screen earlier in the week when I installed another full version of XP onto my brother's pc (not on a new hard drive) and was able to use his wireless mouse and keyboard during the procedure.

I am unsure of the formatting/ partitioning stuff because it's not something I've done too many times. I don't know why the use of just one disk doesn't lead XP to install, why it displays a dos type screen and why the partition option hasn't come up. What am I missing out?

  kspatto 23:49 03 Jan 2004

try this thread( click here)you may need to format your hard drive first

good luck

To hell with it! I can't get format to work, I can't get fdisk to work and after using diskmgmt I tried again with the lone disk that I thought I had got something done to the partition (the bar changed from blue to black) and it still wouldn't work. I still get a dos type screen and it still asks for the F8 key to accept the licence blurb (I think F8 is about the only key that wouldn't produce a response).

Thanks for all suggestions but I am just going to wait and get a new hard drive and a new sound card and try from scratch.

  pc moron 00:32 04 Jan 2004

I've had a look at your previous post and the reason you can't proceed with the XP install is your wireless keyboard.

When you press F8 nothing will happen because the drivers aren't loaded.

Can you borrow a keyboard that you can plug in?

From what you say above, If you can beg/borrow/buy a keyboard that plugs in, you should have no problems with the XP installation.

Previous thread click here

But why was I able to install XP on my brother's machine with a wireless keyboard? Because when XP went into setup mode it did so with a windows type interface (thus enabling me to use the mouse and keyboard- the wireless mouse and keyboard) and not a dos one: indeed, it did the same when I installed my own XP last year.

The irony? It is a Microsoft Wireless keyboard and mouse!

  pc moron 01:33 04 Jan 2004

How exactly did you install it?

I've just cold booted with my WIN XP CD and I get the standard XP screen that appears when an existing OS is present- i.e. the mouse and keyboard will work because the drivers are loaded and the screen looks part Windows/part DOS.

If there's no existing OS (install onto a formatted HD) then I can't see how a wireless keyboard could work

  DieSse 01:43 04 Jan 2004

Wireless keyboards do not need special drivers. If they plug in to the PS2 sockets, they will work just like a standard keyboard - if they are USB they may need the USB keyboard setting enabled in the BIOS.

Wireless keyboards may have special drivers to enable multimedia extended operations - specail keys - but the regular parts work fine without.

  DieSse 01:48 04 Jan 2004

If you boot from a WinXP installation disk, it ALWAYS goes to a text mode interface.

If you saw something different, then either you are mistaken, or perhaps doing something different (upgrading perhaps?)

  DieSse 01:51 04 Jan 2004

If the F8 key is not working on your keyboard, then perhaps the keyboard is faulty? - try a different one.

  DieSse 02:04 04 Jan 2004

"If there's no existing OS (install onto a formatted HD) then I can't see how a wireless keyboard could work"

It works in exactly the same way as any keyboard works. The wireless section is only a bit of hardware in lieu of a cable - it's all a hardware thing - no software involved at all.

  pc moron 02:20 04 Jan 2004

Follow DieSse's advice, he knows more about PCs than I ever will.

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