XP Icon Niggle - Windows Explorer

  kwil2 04:50 17 Aug 2007

I'm running XP Home + SP2...
For some inexplicable reason within Windows Explorer, the icon flanking one of my drives has changed from the normal 'drive' icon to the Windows default 'blue/white' icon.
I've tried deleting the Icon Cache knowing a restart will introduce a new one, but that hasn't solved the niggle.
It's not a major problem, I know, but I'd like to find out why I can't seem to find a way round this...
Can anyone assist? I'm sure the answer must be simple...

  Andy1991 10:12 17 Aug 2007

what do u mean the blue white icon?

  kwil2 02:48 19 Aug 2007

Blue/white icon = often seen as icon accompanying downloaded setups - blue bar at top, rest white

More info: the drive in question is a partitioned drive (G:) and I've just discovered a certain someone who shall remain nameless but answers to the call 'wife', was messing about with the Wireless Network Setup Wizard (we don't have a wireless or wired network!)...Default, as I noticed, is a 'USB' connection....
Apparently, as it set up the 'network' (she even gave it a name, bless her little cotton socks!). it checked the USB slot, found nothing (of course - since nothing was attached) but then placed a little 'wireless' icon next to the 'G:' drive where once the standard drive icon resided.
It also added a folder: 'SMRTKEY' for some reason. I deleted this, restarted the computer, then noticed the 'wireless' icon had gone and the 'blue/white' MS icon had appeared.
I reverted to a previous 'disc image' just to see if that got rid of the 'blue/white' icon, but no: it resists everything apparently!
Any other ideas (apart from preventing wives ever touching a computer!)
Many thanks

  woodchip 21:54 19 Aug 2007

Try Right Click Icon Properties\Change Icon

  simmo07 22:13 19 Aug 2007

Try what woodchip said and if no joy still try this:

Install StyleXP from click here

This will let you update all the icons to how XP intended them to be. So if something or somehow it has changed, this will fix it.

  kwil2 03:52 23 Aug 2007

Many thanks to you all for taking time to reply.
The Style XP didn't work...but,you'll note from the thread, I tried restoring a previous 'drive image' to no avail ( I use Acronis True Image,BTW...I recommend it!)
I'm in the habit of creating an up-to-date Acronis image regularly and well, couldn't believe it...creating s completely new image has brought the correct icon back!
Damned if I know why this happened...but it may be a method worth trying if anyone experiences the same problem...

i have had a similar problem after installing a game demo with my c-drive icon wasa replaced with the game icon.i was trying to describe its characteristics and phantom is a good description.if i try to change the icon sometimes for a split second i can see the default icon underneath it seems to be like a embedded folder image you sometimes get or an icon embedded over the existing one.can you explain the acronis image method you used?

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